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Clicks of the Week: November 19 to 26, 2012 Edition

Welcome to Clicks of the Week: November 19 to 26, 2012 Edition!

Clicks of the Week is a weekly round up of news. It used to be Clicks of the Day, but Linda’s life got busy so now it’s a weekly thing. Number of Clicks will be dependent again on the busyness of life that week.


    (I continue to do a poor job collecting local/national news throughout the week. Next week’s will be more comprehensive…)

  • Up, down and all around, Edmonton council gets an earful on city budget
  • “The city is looking at a smaller 2013 tax increase than originally proposed, but most of that saving will disappear if money requested by seniors, artists and social groups is approved.”

    So many numbers…

  • New look for K-Days launched
  • “Months after Edmontonians voted for the new name of the city’s summer fair, Northlands unveiled the new look for next summer’s event. “The ‘K’ stands for whatever you want it to,” Northlands President Richard Anderson said. “K-Days is a nod to the past, we’re certainly going to honour Klondike Days, and other events prior,” Anderson continued. “It’s really a foundation for the future, the question is, what’s your ‘K’?””

    Hmmmmm. I am not overly impressed with this theme, lol it’s whatever you want it to be?

  • Ukrainian community marks 79th anniversary of Holodomor, famine that killed millions
  • “Edmonton’s Ukrainian community gathered at city hall Saturday to mark the 79th anniversary of Holodomor, a deliberate famine/genocide imposed in the Ukraine in 1932-33, that left millions dead. Natalia Talanchuk is a Holodomor survivor. She was just eight years old when the famine was imposed by the Joseph Stalin-led communist Soviet Union regime during the 1930s. “I can’t sleep at night sometimes thinking about it because it haunts me,” Talanchuk said.”

    The Natalia Talanchuk interview almost brought me to tears. So sad.

  • Other jurisdictions eyeing Edmonton’s potential foray into Internet voting
  • “A 17-member citizens’ jury in Edmonton gave a unanimous thumbs-up to Internet voting Sunday after spending three days listening to experts talk about the pros and cons associated with the technology. Their approval is the next step in a process that could see absentee or disabled voters given the chance to cast special ballots online in Edmonton’s next civic election on Oct. 21, 2013.”

    Online voting, here we come!

  • More cold, snow forecast for this winter over last: meteorologist
  • “The Weather Network’s top forecaster is advising Canadians to keep their winter mitts close and snow shovels even closer as he expects much of the country is in for a harsher blast of winter than it was dealt last year. “We’ll get more winter this year than we did last year,” said director of meteorology Chris Scott. And that means a return to more “typical” historic conditions of cold and snow gripping much of the country, he said.”


  • Justin Bieber awarded Diamond Jubilee medal by Stephen Harper
  • “Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber now has a Diamond Jubilee Medal to add to his accolades. Prime Minister Stephen Harper presented the medal to Bieber at Scotia Bank Place in Ottawa prior to Bieber’s concert on Friday night. A spokeswoman for the prime minister says the Stratford, Ont., singer’s family was with him as Bieber — who was dressed in overalls for his concert — received the honour from Harper.”

    Um. I’m sorry but if he can do costume changes during his concert he can change out of overalls to receive the freaking Diamond Jubilee medal!


  • Confetti from police files tossed at Macy’s parade
  • “Shredded Long Island police records that landed on spectators at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade were brought by a department employee who tossed the confidential confetti with his family, a New York TV station reports. Among the easily identifiable records from the Nassau County Police Department were what appears to be details of Mitt Romney’s motorcade route to and from the final presidential debate at Hofstra University.”

    You know I think the dollar store sells confetti..

  • Two dead, at least 80 more injured in estimated 140-car pileup in Texas
  • “Two people died at least 80 more were injured in an estimated 140-car pileup that shut down a Texas interstate on Thanksgiving Day.”



  • Active video games don’t boost kids’ daily physical activity levels, study finds
  • “Active video games may help get kids off the couch, but child fitness advocates say they shouldn’t be seen as a substitute for real exercise. Active Healthy Kids Canada has released its official position on active video games after convening an international panel of researchers to look at the latest evidence on the subject. The organization says “exergames” are a good way to break up the time kids spend being sedentary. However, they’re not as good as having kids play real active games or sports.”

    Pack away that Wii! Lol.

  • Early exposure to air pollution may be linked to autism: study
  • “Exposure to air pollution during pregnancy and first of year of life may have links to autism in children, a U.S.-based study has found. The study, conducted in California and published online Monday in Archives of General Psychiatry, examined the relationship between traffic-related air pollution, air quality, and autism. It found children living in homes with highest levels of traffic-related air pollution were three times as likely to have the developmental disorder when compared with children residing near lowest levels of exposure.”

    Sigh – feels like everything these days can be linked to every kind of cancer/disease/disorder/disability/illness/etc.

  • 31 kids a day injured in inflatable bounce houses: study
  • “U.S. researchers are calling for a design overhaul of the inflatable bounce houses that are a staple of children’s parties after finding that as many as 31 children per day are injured while playing in them. A study out of Ohio says that between 1995 and 2010 there was a 15-fold increase in the number of bounce house-related injuries in the United States, from fewer than 1,000 per year to nearly 11,000.”

    That is a lot of inflatable bounce house injuries.

    Technology/Social Media/Internet

  • Libel case that snared BBC widens to Twitter
  • “The Internet, it is sometimes said, turns every citizen into a journalist. If that is the case, some Twitter users in Britain are discovering one of the downsides of the business. As many as 10,000 Twitter users reportedly face the threat of legal action because of comments posted on the Internet or forwarded to others in which they referred to a BBC report wrongly linking a former Conservative Party official to the sexual abuse of a child.”

    Interesting. Careful what you retweet.

  • $700 hack threatens millions of Yahoo mail users
  • “A new exploit being sold for $700 may put tens of millions of Yahoo Mail users at risk. Once victims click on a malicious email link, the exploit allows an attacker to steal and replace tracking cookies, while remotely controlling the victims’ browsing sessions.”

    That sucks. Good thing I’m a gmail lady.

  • Cell phones becoming the go-to device for online activities, banking and more: study
  • “As smartphone use becomes more common, people are increasingly using their phones to take pictures, check their email or do online banking. That’s what a new study reveals, hinting once again that phones have become so much more than just calling and texting devices. ”

    Makes sense.

  • Facebook asked by privacy groups to stop proposed policy changes
  • “Facebook (FB) Inc. Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg was asked by two privacy groups to withdraw proposed changes to the company’s governing documents, saying they raise risks to members’ data. Facebook shouldn’t roll back voting options for users, shift controls on messaging or combine data from affiliates, including newly acquired mobile photo-sharing service Instagram, said Marc Rotenberg, president of the Electronic Privacy Information Center, and Jeffrey Chester, president of the Center for Digital Democracy, in a letter to Zuckerberg. Facebook proposed modifications to its Statement of Rights and Responsibilities and its data-use policy last week.”

    Facebook owns us…


  • WestJet testing system that allows Internet access on mobile devices
  • “WestJet Airlines plans to test a new entertainment system next year that will allow passengers to use their tablets, computers and smart phones to access in-flight television and connect to the Internet, CEO Gregg Saretsky said Tuesday. A prototype is expected to fly some time in the first half of 2013. The new system could eventually lead the Calgary-based airline to do away with seat-back systems and shed about 1,200 pounds (544 kilograms) from each aircraft.”

    Forward-thinking, that WestJet.

  • WalMart’s internal compensation documents reveal systematic limit on advancement
  • “Two years ago, when she started working at the deli counter of a Walmart in Illinois, Lisa hoped that her job would amount to the beginning of a career, one that would pay enough to cover her bills and enable her to stay current on her student loan debt. But despite one raise since, Lisa, who asked that only her first name be used, now earns just $9.10 an hour, or about $13,000 a year on part-time hours. Seven months pregnant, she recently filed for bankruptcy. With no alternatives at hand, Walmart now seems like a dead-end to poverty, she says.”

    Very sad.


  • Sex will not induce labour: KL study
  • “Despite a widespread belief that sex during the later stages of pregnancy can jumpstart labour, a new study from Malaysia found no differences in the timing of delivery between women who had sex near term and those who abstained. “We are a little disappointed that we did not find an association,” said Dr Tan Peng Chiong.”


  • Billion-ton comet may have missed Earth by a few hundred kilometres in 1883
  • “A reanalysis of historical observations suggest Earth narrowly avoided an extinction event just over a hundred years ago.”

    Aren’t we lucky. :o

  • Five new space projects even more awesome than the Mars rover
  • Including a chance to join the ’70-mile high club’ and dive-bombing out of the sun!

  • Astronauts bring back new life
  • “It is not every day that astronauts can claim to return to Earth with a new species of life. But when the astronauts on ESA’s CAVES underground training course returned to the surface they were carrying a special type of woodlouse.”

    Interesting. Hopefully it doesn’t evolve above ground and destroy us all.

  • Scientists: Galapagos tortoise can be revived
  • “Lonesome George, the late reptile prince of the Galapagos Islands, may be dead, but scientists now say he may not be the last giant tortoise of his species after all. Researchers say they may be able to resurrect the Pinta Island subspecies by launching a cross-breeding program with 17 other tortoises found to contain genetic material similar to that of Lonesome George, who died June 24.”

    Playing God, eh.

  • [Photo]: The most incredible photographs of volcanic eruptions
  • Incredible, incredible photographs!!!

    Weird News, Other News, Good News and/or Fluff

  • Japan’s ninjas heading for extinction
  • “Japan’s era of shoguns and samurai is long over, but the country does have one, or maybe two, surviving ninjas. Experts in the dark arts of espionage and silent assassination, ninjas passed skills from father to son – but today’s say they will be the last.”

    This is sad.

  • [Photos]: The house in the middle of the street
  • “Homeowners Luo Baogen and his wife refused to allow the government to demolish their home in Wenling, Zhejiang province, China, claiming the relocation compensation offered would not be enough to cover the cost of rebuilding. So, adjacent neighboring homes were dismantled, and, bizarrely, the road was built around the intact home, leaving it as an island in a river of new asphalt.”

    I just can’t see how this is real but I mean, the photos and The Atlantic are pretty legit. So strange!!!

  • Family swept to sea in effort to save dog – who evetually got out of the water on its own
  • “A couple died and their 16-year-old son went missing after being swept into sea in Northern California while trying to save their dog, authorities said Sunday… The dog got out of the water on its own.”


  • Some idiot apparently named their kid ‘Hashtag’
  • And yet, I’m not surprised? (Because a lot of people are really stupid).

  • [Photos]: Top-notch journalism at its best
  • Lol. These will have you cackling! So funny.

  • [Video]: Gangnam Reindeer Style Christmas Lights (Lethrbidge)
  • There’s a lot of these videos circulating (understandably) but I decided to link to the house in Lethbridge because of obvious geographical connections. Lol.

  • [Video]: Kitten vs. Paper ball
  • Fills my heart with joy :)

  • [Video]: Univision weather cat is the cutest news blooper ever
  • “As far as news bloopers go, it doesn’t get much cuter than this: a neighborhood kitty wandering on-camera during Univision 23 meteorologist Eduardo Rodriguez’s forecast segment recently. The Univision weather cat’s tail first floats along the bottom of the screen in the video above, then the surprise visitor takes a poke around the bottom righthand corner of the shot. ”

    Um. The uploader has not made this video available in your country?!?! WAH. I WANT TO SEE THIS.

  • [Video]: Six-day-old lamb and dog BFFs
  • Awwwww!!!

  • [Photo]: 25 years of cell phones in a single image
  • Look at how its evolved!

  • [Video]: Jimmy Fallon & Rashida Jones Parody Holiday Medley
  • Pretty funny :)

Thor (and/or Loki) Photo of the Week:

Sleepy Thor & Loki (and Pascal) on the new sectional.

Lol. My kitties sleeping. So precious.

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Thor and Loki Photo of the Week
Clicks of the Week

Clicks of the Week: November 12 to 19, 2012 Edition

Welcome to Clicks of the Week: November 12 to 19, 2012 Edition!

Clicks of the Week is a weekly round up of news. It used to be Clicks of the Day, but Linda’s life got busy so now it’s a weekly thing. Number of Clicks will be dependent again on the busyness of life that week.


    (okay this section is really weak this time around, it’ll be stronger next week).

  • Harper warns of consequences if U.S. fails to avoid fiscal cliff
  • “Prime Minister Stephen Harper says if President Barack Obama and U.S. lawmakers can’t find a solution to the looming fiscal cliff it could spark other unforeseen economic woes.”


  • Formerly homeless Edmontonians getting married, shelter seeks donations
  • “A year ago they were homeless, sleeping in a parking garage, and preparing for a baby. Today, they have a five-month old child and an apartment of their own. And, they’re planning a wedding. For the first time ever, Youth Empowerment and Support Services (YESS) is hosting a wedding for two clients.”


  • Keystone XL pipeline concerns resurrected, protesters call on Obama to reject project
  • “Thousands of environmentalists marched outside the White House on Sunday, armed with banners and signs, chanting and voicing their opposition against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline.”

    While I worry about the environmental impact, I recognize we need this for, well, basically the world to function.

  • Call to help dozens of pets answered
  • “Mere moments after the story of Dan Lapotac, and the dozens of pets he had been looking after went to air, Janice Dodd’s phone started ringing, and it hasn’t stopped. “The calls started literally one minute after it went to air, one minute,” Dodds said. Dodds is an animal advocate who took up Lapotac’s cause after hearing about his living conditions. Lapotac has been living in a makeshift tent on the Enoch Cree Nation for four years – while he started with only four cats, the number of pets in his home has grown steadily. Recently, two litters of kittens and another litter of puppies were born, adding up to nearly 50 cats, and eight dogs.”

    Local animal story of the week, for sure. I am so happy the Edmonton Emergency Vet Clinic offered to spay/neuter these cats for free and that there’s been a bunch of people calling, hoping to help & adopt. I hope every animal finds their forever home!!

  • Traffic circles proposed as way to deter speeding
  • “The city is considering modifying five neighbourhood roads, including adding traffic circles, as a way to discourage speeding and address safety concerns… Plans include adding modified traffic circles, raised crosswalks, curb extension intersections, medians, speed tables and curb extension mid-blocks.”

    Way too expensive.


  • Civilian death toll climbs in Israel-Gaza crisis as world leaders urge ceasefire
  • “More Palestinian civilians were caught in the line of fire Monday as Israel expanded the scope of its campaign in the Gaza Strip, hitting densely packed areas of the territory with airstrikes. Israel began targeting the Gaza homes of Hamas activists and suspected military commanders over the weekend, bolstering its efforts to stop Hamas rocket fire on the state. The new approach, however, has led to an increased number of civilian casualties as airstrikes devastate more crowded areas of Gaza.”

    This violence needs to stop.

  • Dolphins shot, mutilated, stabbed along Gulf Coast
  • “Over the past several months, dolphins have washed ashore along the northern Gulf Coast with bullet wounds, missing jaws and hacked off fins, and federal officials said they are looking into the mysterious deaths. The most recent case was of a dolphin found dead off the coast of Mississippi, its lower jaw missing. Officials from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Monday they’re asking everyone from beachgoers to fishermen to wildlife agents to be on the lookout for injured or dead dolphins — and any unusual interaction between the mammals and people.”

    This makes me so sick. If someone is doing this to the dolphins I honestly wish only the very worst things on them. Horrifying.

  • The Petraeus scandal: What we know
  • What a scandal.

  • What the hell is China building here?
  • “What the hell is this 157m high metal structure in the the city of Fushun, in northeast China’s Liaoning province? It’s made of an astounding 3000 tons of steel and it will glow at night — decorated with 12,000 LED lights. According to Fushun Municipal Government’s officials, this titanic structure does absolutely nothing except serve as an elevated sighting position. They claim it is pretty “landscape architecture” — like the Eiffel Tower. It uses four elevators to take people to the top.”

    Hmmmmmm. It definitely does look like an interdimensional portal, lol.

  • Remembering Neft Dashlari, Stalin’s utopian ocean city made from oil and steel
  • “Shortly after the Second World War, the Soviet Union constructed a massive industrial city-complex in the Caspian Sea off the coast of Azerbaijan. Home to over 5,000 workers, it was an intricate maze of oil platforms linked by hundreds of miles of roads and featuring a park, cinema, and apartment blocks. Called Neft Dashlari, the ocean city is still in use today, but it’ll be only a matter of time before the sea completely consumes it.”



  • Can you move it and work it on a treadmill desk?
  • “As we’ve reported, there’s a backlash brewing to sedentary office life as more people realize how sitting all day can do a body wrong… Take Salo, a financial consulting firm based in Minneapolis. The company has 12 treadmill desks, and encourages walking meetings and a mini-breakaway game — a mixture of pingpong, tennis and a bit of squash. Throughout the day, employees rotate on and off the available treadmill desks.”

    Love this… and other ideas to get people moving at the workplace (‘walk and talk meetings’). There should be a push to have these initiatives put in place at al workplaces!!

  • Real-life sleeping beauty slept 64 days in a row
  • “This 17-year-old teenager from North Fayette, Pa., has a rare condition called Kleine-Levin Syndrome — or “Sleeping Beauty Syndrome” — that makes her sleep 18 to 19 hours a day. And when she does wake up, she is often so tuckered out that she is in a sleepwalking state and doesn’t remember doing basic things like eating, according to KDKA-TV.”

    Wow! Weird.

    Technology/Social Media/Internet

  • Recruiters post 1.7 million jobs on new Facebook jobs board
  • “Facebook launched a job-board application, featuring 1.7 million listings from five different recruiting organizations. The new application, a product of the Social Jobs Partnership that Facebook started last year with several public agencies, aggregates jobs that are already available through the separate organizations to give job seekers a central location to look for work. This initial slew of jobs — sorted by industry, location, and skills — comes from BranchOut, DirectEmployers Association, Work4Labs, Jobvite, and”

    Oo! That’s interesting.

  • Facebook ‘couples’ pages spark anger and praise
  • “The global behemoth of social media has introduced an automatic “couples” page that has triggered the same instant revulsion and joy of its past changes… Facebook introduced the “couples” page last Thursday as “a new look for the Friendship page.” If you and someone you are in a relationship with both list that by name on your status, Facebook has already created a page just for the two of you. To see it, go to The page collects all of your joint tagged pictures, lists your mutual friends and tracks your shared posts.”

    This is stupid.

  • Nintendo Wii U consoles sold out, alraedy selling for over $500 on eBay
  • “One reason some people waited in long lines to be the first to get the new Nintendo Wii U console has nothing to do with the games. With Wii U devices all but guaranteed to be sold out at retailers around the world this Christmas, some buyers immediately put their new consoles on Ebay. Wii Us are already selling for over $500 on the site. There were well over 2,500 consoles listed on the world’s largest auction site just hours after it went on sale on November 18 at the Nintendo World store in New York City and around the globe.”

    Some people are evil and greedy!


  • RIM will pull the covers off its BB10 devices January 30
  • “RIM’s BB10 has been a hell of a long time coming. But the company has finally pinned down a launch date for the new OS: it will officially enter into the world on January 30th next year. The new software is pretty much make-or-break for RIM, whose fortunes have been failing of recent time. CEO Thorsten Heins, however, promises great things.”

    It will be sad when this fails and then RIM fails.

  • Retailers try to keep consumers at home as Black Friday deals come to Canada
  • Bring on the deals!


  • Nose cell transplant enables paralysed dogs to walk
  • “Scientists have reversed paralysis in dogs after injecting them with cells grown from the lining of their nose. The pets had all suffered spinal injuries which prevented them from using their back legs. The Cambridge University team is cautiously optimistic the technique could eventually have a role in the treatment of human patients.”

    That’s fantastic.

  • It’s been nearly 28 years since we have had a colder-than-average month
  • “This is the 332nd consecutive month with an above-average temperature.”


  • ‘Rogue planet’ spotted 100 light-years away
  • “Astronomers have spotted a “rogue planet” – wandering the cosmos without a star to orbit – 100 light-years away… One tricky part is determining if rogue planet candidates are as massive as the “failed stars” known as brown dwarfs, further along in stellar evolution but without enough mass to spark the nuclear fusion that causes starlight.”

    What a badass planet! ;)

  • Belly button bacteria oligarchs dominate our navel’s ecosystem
  • “The Belly Button Biodiversity Project, which explores the bacterial ecosystems living in its participants’ navels, has discovered that a small number of bacterial phylotypes (or “species”) dominate the micro-landscape. The biologists’ results show a “jungle of microbial diversity” with over 2,300 species of bacteria present and only eight of those recurring frequently — a similar diversity distribution to that of tree species in tropical rainforests.”

    Something to think about next time you pick your belly button, lol.


  • Lucasfilm wants to make ‘two or three’ movies a year. That’s a lot of Star Wars.
  • “Speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Lucas’ anointed successor, Kathleen Kennedy, says that the company wants to produce “two or three films a year”, which aside from the odd Indiana Jones flick certainly suggests we can expect all kinds of Star Wars output over the next decade.”

    That’s a lot…

    Weird News, Other News, Good News and/or Fluff

  • The top places to survive the end of the world
  • Interesting! I wonder how Mike & I (and family & friends) will do when the apocalypse arrives.

  • 31 kids who are too clever for their own good
  • “Meet your future statesmen, poets, inventors, and pioneers. Also, scoundrels.”

    This is a MUST read!!!! So funny. Brings me much laughter and joy.

  • 34 insanely simple two-ingredient recipes
  • “Cooking doesn’t get much easier than this. BTW, these are mostly desserts. I hope you’re OK with that.”

    I’m not big on desserts but this is a list worth checking out!

  • Ecuador officials deny donkey the chance to run for office
  • “The demand of dozens of citizens has been denied in the Ecuadorean city of Guayaquil: There will be no jackass running for the legislature. At least 40 people paraded their candidate through the city’s streets to the electoral council offices. Mr. Burro even wore a tie. But officials refused to even let them in the door on Thursday.”

    Lol. What’s with people pushing for animals to run for office everywhere?

  • A harbor for Akutan, but no road to it
  • “Akutan, the Aleutians community with a brand new but so-far unused airport on another island, also has a new harbor but no road connecting it to the town 2 miles away. KUCB reports the harbor was begun by the Army Corps of Engineers with $29 million in federal stimulus money even though the connecting road was likely years in the future.”


  • [Video]: Little girl dresses liker her cat
  • Sooooooooooooooooo precious.

  • [Video]: Cat and doberman bffs
  • Besties!!!

  • [Video]: Kittens and ducklings playing together
  • This is a cute-xplosion.

  • [Video]: Red Panda gets surprised
  • Poor panda!!!

Thor (and/or Loki) Photo of the Week:

Best buddies.

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Fitness: Trying out Ripple Effect Personal Training

Ripple Effect Personal Training at 9602A 60 Avenue.

On Tuesday I went for a fitness assessment at Ripple Effect Personal Training in south Edmonton. I was put in touch with Karl MacPhee from Ripple Effect through Scott Weller – who I have met off of Twitter. Ripple Effect is a fairly new fitness training business – having just opened back in June (though Karl has been in the coaching/training business for years). Scott put me in touch with Karl because Karl was looking for an opportunity to get some online exposure and I was looking to get fit in exchange for what I already would have done anyway – blog/tweet about my fitness experience (good or bad!) Win-win!

Inside Ripple Effect Personal Training!

Karl and I chatted about his history (he worked as a full-time trainer at Ross Sheppard High School for years prior to opening up Ripple Effect) and what Ripple Effect was all about (mostly small group training/fitness and athletic conditioning) and then we chatted about my goals (mostly just becoming more fit and being more active – as most of my days are spent sitting at a computer or sitting in front of the TV – or eating lol).

Getting a fitness assessment at Ripple Effect Training!

He took some of my measurements and we learned that my body fat percentage is way higher than it should be – whoops. :( I figured that would have been the case. Everyone scoffs at me when I say I’m in terrible shape and getting bigger (lovehandles anyone?!) – they never believe me! But it’s true!! I need to be more fit and get some muscles on me (right now I basically have no muscles, lol). For the fitness assessment we did some work on the rowing machine (he taught me proper technique) and we did some exercises with a wooden stick held up above/behind my head so I could get a feel for the right posture and back tension that I want to feel during certain workouts. He also tested my balance and showed me some at-home floor exercises that would help build up my body strength to make exercises more effective.

My body fat percentage is not great!

All in all it was a session that had me sweating and out of breathe (I’m out of shape!) and wanting more (but at the same time not… I’m fearful of committing to this!) Karl has a few flexible time slots that I can fit into on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday nights and/or Saturday mornings. I can pretty much guarantee making the Tuesday session each week but I worry about my commitment to Wednesday night after a long day at work and/or waking up early for Saturday morning before I have to head to work for the rest of the day.

I’m hoping making a few blog posts about the experience will help motivate me as well. My biggest problem with my fitness endeavours are that they start strong but my interest and commitment fizzles out fast. I’m lucky to be able to have this opportunity with Karl for a few months (and then in a few months time we’ll determine if I want to keep continuing or not) – so I hope to make the best of it! My second problem is I’m worried about how the group sessions will be given my obvious lack of athletic or fitness ability – typically when I’ve worked out at rec centres the theme was “work hard but feel free to go at your own pace” and then I usually took that to mean “don’t really work that hard if it’s too hard for you” (lol). Here I wondering if I’ll work TOO hard in order to try to keep up with the group – but we’ll see how it goes. My first session/fitness assessment was a solo experience. My next ones should be group experiences. I’ll blog about it again after the group experience!

Karl himself I’ve so far found to be very personable, friendly, funny and encouraging – also not shy to point out when I’m not doing an exercise properly, ha!

I think it will be a fun and obviously healthy thing to try. We’ll see how it goes!

Click here to learn more about Ripple Effect.

Click here to follow Karl on Twitter.

Are you currently taking personal or group training? Regularly working out at the gym or rec centre? What’s your fitness regime or routine and how do you make sure you stay committed?!?