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Clicks of the Day: Wednesday, March 28, 2012 Edition!

Welcome to Wednesday, March 28 2012’s Clicks of the Day!


  • VIP movie theatre set to open in city April 20
  • “Cineplex Entertainment says it will open the company’s first Alberta VIP movie theatre in Edmonton on April 20. Cineplex Odeon Windermere and VIP Cinemas will be an 11-screen, 49,000-square-foot theatre at the Currents of Windermere shopping development near Terwillegar Drive and Anthony Henday Drive. Three of the auditoriums will be VIP Cinemas – a premium, adults-only movie-going experience. For a charge of up to $10 more for a 3-D movie, moviegoers receive reserved seating in large leather seats with more legroom and movable tray tables. VIP customers can also order from in-seat menu service.”

    Soo frivolous.

  • Feathers fly over backyard chicken flock
  • “Edmonton homeowner Crystal Sherris wants to keep her backyard chickens but the city’s bylaw enforcement branch is crying fowl. She is one of an unknown number of Edmontonians who keep hens in defiance of the animal licensing control bylaw. Some raise chickens for the eggs, and because they make pleasant pets. Others appreciate their gardening value; chickens eat weeds, bugs and slugs, and also deposit rich manure, known to be among the best animal fertilizers available.”

    Great story. I was planning on doing a Feature Story on this one. So interesting!

  • Dealers taking advantage of Health Canada’s medical marijuana program
  • “Sick and dying Canadians can apply to Health Canada for a licence to use marijuana to ease their symptoms, but an exclusive Global News investigation has learned drug dealers are hijacking the licencing process.”

    What a system.


  • Lawyer says Afghan massacre suspect had Iraq incident that triggered ‘tremendous depression’
  • “The U.S. soldier accused of killing 17 Afghan civilians suffered a traumatic incident during his second tour in Iraq that triggered “tremendous depression,” his lawyer said Wednesday. Lawyer John Henry Browne said he could not discuss the details of the matter because it remains classified. But he expects the issue to become a focal point in the case against Army Staff Sgt. Robert Bales.”

    Despite the horror that he’s charged with, can’t imagine his tours over there were walks in the park. I do feel sorry for him.

  • What Everyone Should Know About Trayvon Martin (1995-2012)
  • “Here is what everyone should know about the case…”

    What will happen… what will happen.


  • Hard-to-swallow advice on getting your kids to eat better
  • “Brussels sprouts, a nation turns its noses up to you. Such is the scenario at dinner tables across the country, with a report finding today’s generation of kids is widely setting the mealtime agenda. In fact, even as 72 per cent of Canadian moms agree their dishes should be more nutritious, 76 per cent put taste before health when preparing a meal. Studies suggest an undesirable food generally needs to be reintroduced between 10 and 30 times before a child will eat it without complaint. Freedhoff says the key is to have kids try at least one bite but not force-feed the full serving if it doesn’t agree with them.”

    I love brussel sprouts… lol

  • Complicated link between diet drinks, health: Study
  • “Studies have hinted that diet-soda lovers could face higher risks of diabetes and heart disease, but new findings suggest that overall diet may be what matters most in the end. Several studies have found that people who regularly down diet soda are more likely than people who don’t to have certain risk factors for those chronic diseases — like high blood pressure and high blood sugar. And one recent study became the first to link the beverages to the risk of actual heart attacks and strokes. Still, researchers have not been able to say whether it’s the sugar-free drinks, themselves, that deserve the blame. Many factors separate diet- and regular-beverage drinkers — and, for that matter, people who stick with water. Overall diet is one.”

    Still water is probably better for ya, lol.

  • Europeans are world’s heaviest drinkers: WHO report
  • “People in Europe drink more alcohol than in any other part of the world, downing the equivalent of 12.5 litres of pure alcohol a year or almost three glasses of wine a day, according to report by the World Health Organization and the European Commission. But while the title of world’s heaviest drinkers goes to the European Union as whole, where consumption is almost double the world average, there are also wide variations in drinking levels between sub-regions, as well as big differences in how frequently, where and when people drink.”

    Lol probably didn’t need a study to tell us this one.

    Technology/Social Media

  • Twitter admits ‘unfollowing bug’
  • “Twitter users are being affected by a bug which is causing them to ‘unfollow’ fellow tweeters without their permission. The bug is causing Twitter users to randomly unfollow people without account holders’ prior consent or knowledge. Twitter has advised affected people to visit its support page and go to fellow tweeters’ profile pages to check whether they are still following them or not.”

    This bug has really been bothering me!! Glad they’re finally admitting to it but hopefully a fix will be made shortly.

  • Google’s Dropbox competitor will reportedly launch in April
  • “Google’s cloud storage service that looks to compete directly with Dropbox may launch during the first week of April, according to a report from GigaOm. Google Drive will apparently allocate 1GB of storage to users for free, and additional options will be available for a fee. Dropbox, the market leader in cloud storage, currently offers 2GB of free storage.”

    More competition should be good for us consumers :D

  • 10.5 billion minutes spent on Facebook daily, excluding mobile
  • “On average, Facebook users spent more than 10.5 billion minutes per day on Facebook during January 2012, excluding mobile devices. This comes out to 12 minutes and 26 seconds per user.”

    I’d say I’m above average for time spent on Facebook then, lol.

  • Business owners concerned not all online review websites are accurate
  • “In today’s digital age, many people use the internet to read reviews, before trying out a new restaurant or business. Many sites offer consumers the chance to write reviews, good or bad, for any business. Some businesses believe this isn’t necessarily a good system, especially when it comes to the website “Yelp.” Yelp has an automated review filter that is designed to catch fake or bad-natured reviews. Staff members will also delete posts that violate the company’s terms and conditions. A few local business owners say yelp is filtering out a little too much.”

    Remember to take all online reviews with a grain of salt ;)


  • Jeremy Lin goes to lunch with ESPN editor who was fired over headline
  • “When Jeremy Lin said he harbored no ill feelings over a racially insensitive headline about him that appeared on ESPN, he meant it. Lin recently had lunch with the editor who was fired for writing the headline during the height of Linsanity with the New York Knicks in February. Anthony Federico apologized after the incident and Newsday’s Anthony Rieber reports that the meeting came at the instigation of the Asian-American point guard.”

    Class act!

  • The No-Hour Workweek: Reinventing Employee Expectations For The Modern Economy
  • “The 9 to 5 is dead, but we’re still harnessing workers with its outdated strictures. Happy workers are more healthy and more creative, so it’s time to start giving our workers the leeway to be happy (because otherwise they work all the time). The secret: Treat them like people.”

    Good practices :)

  • Comcast, NBCUniversal pledge to hire 1,000 veterans
  • “Brian Roberts, Comcast Chairman and CEO, announced this morning that his company and NBCUniversal would commit to hire 1,000 veterans as part of the Hiring our Heroes campaign… The 1,000 positions will be filled over the next three years.”

    Good for them.


  • Billions of habitable worlds in Milky Way
  • “Astronomers hunting for rocky planets with the right temperature to support life estimate there may be tens of billions of them in our galaxy alone. A European team said on Wednesday that about 40 percent of red dwarf stars–the most common type in the Milky Way–have a so-called “super-Earth” planet orbiting in a habitable zone that would allow water to flow on the surface. Since there are around 160 billion red dwarfs in the Milky Way, the number of worlds that are potentially warm enough and wet enough to support life is enormous.”

    Gotta love the universe :)

  • This ancient whale enjoyed tropical waters
  • “An ancient beast related to today’s Arctic-loving beluga whales and narwhals seemed to prefer toasty, tropical waters. Called Bohaskaia monodontoides, the new species of toothed whale lived some 3 million to 4 million years ago during the Pliocene in warm water. Researchers aren’t sure why modern belugas have left these tropical destinations and strayed pole-ward, where life would seem to be more difficult.”

    Cool. Love fossils and learning about what used to roam our world.


  • Anchorman 2 Is Happening, Will Ferrell To Star
  • “Grab your dog and a glass of Scotch, and toast to this classy bit of news. Nearly eight years after Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy hit theaters comes word that anchorman Ron Burgundy will return to the big screen for a sequel.”

    Huge news to a lot of people, lol. I watched Anchorman after its original craze so it was never really as huge for me but should still be a fun movie! Haha.

    Weird News, Other News & Fluff

  • Lorax Statue Stolen From Dr. Seuss’ Garden, Family Hopes For Its Return
  • “The Grinch returned all those stolen presents. Now the family of Dr. Seuss (Theodore Geisel) is hoping that the person or persons who took a Lorax statue from the garden of the late, great author’s home also has a change of heart.”

    Evil! Who could steal The Lorax from Dr. Seuss’ family :(

  • Dog Saves His Own Life By Dialing Emergency
  • “After George, the two-year-old Basset Hound from West Yorkshire, England got so tangled in a phone cord that he began choking, the frantic pup somehow managed to alert authorities by dialing 999 — the British equivalent to 911, the Sun reports. Concerned by the heavy breathing on the other end, the emergency operator dispatched police to the home. Since George’s owners, Steve Brown and his daughter Lydia, weren’t home, their neighbor let the police into the house, where George was choking on the living room floor.”

    Wow what a story!

  • [Video]: Baby squirrel gets adopted by a cat, learns to purr
  • “A baby squirrel gets separated from his family, but luckily finds a home with a cat that just had a litter of kittens. Now the squirrel is just part of the family, and has even learned to purr.”

    Awwwww!!!!!! Sooooo, so cute.

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Clicks of the Day, Current Events, Lists

Clicks of the Day: Tuesday, March 6, 2012 Edition!

Welcome to Tuesday, March 6 2012’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Bed bug problem growing in Edmonton area
  • “Edmonton is booming with bed bugs. They arrived almost a decade ago and getting rid of the pests will not be easy. Through an an access to information request filed by, we have set up an interactive map below to let you see where the worst infestations have taken hold. Just 5 years after arriving in the city, infestations north of downtown were the worst in all of Alberta.”

    I’m still surprised that the apartment Mike and I lived in last year had no bed bugs, given how they appear to be in so many…

  • Conservatives end four years of denial, plead guilty to illegal campaign spending
  • “Now, after four years of denying that it broke the rules on election spending during the 2006 campaign, the federal Conservative Party has admitted that it overspent on ads in the vote that brought Harper to power. On Thursday, the party and its fundraising arm pleaded guilty of spending more than the $18.3-million legal limit and of filing an election return that failed to report all the expenses it incurred.”


  • Health Canada accused of not telling whole story on ‘whole wheat’ bread
  • “Five years after unveiling a proposal to end consumer confusion over “whole wheat” claims on bread products, Health Canada now says it has no plans to change the food-labelling rule… Studies linking the consumption of whole grains with a lower risk of obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes have made whole grains popular among health-conscious shoppers. But when grains are refined, the nutrient-packed germ and bran are gone — undermining the disease-fighting potential.”


  • Need for milk causes hiccups, says researcher
  • “They’re annoying and have dozens of “cures” that vary, but an Ontario researcher says there’s a concrete reason why people get the hiccups. The odd and bothersome reflex often has resulted in confusion about its purpose, but Dr. Daniel Howes of Kingston, Ont., said it goes back to our earliest days and the need for babies to get enough milk.”


  • Eating fish can keep your brain young
  • “According to a new study, the benefits of eating fish go beyond heart health: A higher intake of omega-3 fatty acids can slow brain aging and improve memory and thinking skills.”

    Does this count delicious raw fish!?! :) Yum. Sashimi.

  • Docs advising ‘surprisingly few’ overweight Canadians to shed pounds: study
  • “Canada may be in the grips of an obesity epidemic but doctors are advising “surprisingly few” overweight or obese Canadians to lose weight, a national survey finds. Less than a third of overweight people who responded to the survey had ever been advised to lose weight by a physician, without specifically asking.”

    Time to be straight up with people!

  • Robotic cheetah ‘breaks speed record for legged robots’
  • “A headless robot dubbed “Cheetah” has set a new world speed record, according to its owners. The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency said the four-legged machine achieved 18mph (29km/h) on a laboratory treadmill… the project was part of efforts to develop robots designed to ‘more effectively assist war fighters across a greater range of missions.'”

    Sure sounds like this robotic cheetah will one day be part of the destruction of mankind, lol.

  • U.S. charges members of hacking group Anonymous
  • “Six suspected leaders of the international hacking organization known as Anonymous were charged by U.S. authorities of computer crimes, dealing a major blow to the loose-knit group that has wreaked havoc on the websites of government agencies and major corporations.”

    That’s unfortunate…

  • Will Apple Begin Selling the New iPad March 16?
  • “With Wednesday’s launch of the iPad HD now pretty much a forgone conclusion, a report has surfaced of a mysterious “Apple Store event” planned for Friday, March 16. 9to5Mac cites an ‘Apple Store source who has been reliable in the past’ for a speculative report about an announcement that day. ‘Naturally, this points to an iPad 3 launch on the Friday just nine days after tomorrow’s announcement.'”

    Most likely!

  • 100 Million Americans Now Own Smartphones
  • “For the first time, more than 100 million Americans have smartphones, according to a report by research firm comScore MobileLens… About 234 million Americans over the age of 13 used cellphones in January, meaning that the penetration for smartphones in the U.S. is around 43.3%.”

    I’m surprised the percentage of total cell phone users aren’t smartphone users, lol. Who wants a dumb phone? ;)

  • Pingram Founder: Why I Mashed Up Pinterest and Instagram
  • “If you’re a fan of Instagram and Pinterest, then get ready to fall in love with Pingram. Modeled after Pinterest, the site allows you to view Instagram photos in the same way you might browse through pins on Pinterest… Much like on Instagram, you can browse through the photos of people you’re following on Pingram and check out a feed of the top photos of the moment. Where the fun comes in is Pingram’s Pinterest functionality. If you see a photo you like (or just want to share your own snapshots), you can pin pictures to Pinterest directly from the site.”

    Interesting!! I do love both…

  • Radio stations join advertisers in cutting ties to Limbaugh after remarks about law student
  • “A second radio station has dropped Rush Limbaugh’s talk show in reaction to his derisive comments about a Georgetown law student advocating that birth control be covered by the Jesuit university’s health care plan… Limbaugh called Georgetown University student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” last week after she urged lawmakers consider the importance of contraception coverage in their discussion of national health care policy. He apologized to Fluke on Saturday in writing and discussed it on the air Monday… That was too little, too late for many. A slew of advertisers have left the show and at least one other radio station, KPUA in Hilo, Hawaii, has stopped airing it.”


  • [Photos]: Australia floods cause huge spider webs
  • “It might look like a scene from a scary movie, but these spiders are actually crawling outdoors in Australia. They’re suspended in the air, their webs woven on sticks on a bush.”


  • Video of dog playing piano and singing goes viral
  • “A video of a dog singing and playing the piano has become the latest viral sensation after it was posted on YouTube where it’s been seen by nearly a million viewers.”

    Lol, so funny!

Thor and (or) Loki Photo of the Day:

Loki decided to attack Thor while she was napping on me today, lol.

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Clicks of the Day, Current Events, Lists

Clicks of the Day: Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012 Edition!

Welcome to Wednesday, February 22 2012’s Clicks of the Day!

  • Health Quality Council of Alberta releases report into health care issues
  • “After interviewing more than 2,000 doctors and extensive in-depth discussions with stakeholders, the HQCA made 21 recommendations.In the final report released Wednesday, the concerns over unacceptably long wait times were justified… The report adds no deaths can be attributed to excessive wait times.”

    Interesting findings. Still no one can see the system is working…

  • Most expect to work beyond age 66: poll
  • “As Canadian live longer and face tougher financial choices in their golden years, fewer than a third of respondents in a new survey plan to be fully retired by 66. Sun Life Financial’s annual Unretirement Index poll, released early Wednesday, found that only about three in 10 Canadians surveyed said they plan full retirement at that age. Nearly five in 10 – about 48 per cent – said they plan to work part-time or freelance while they ease into retirement.”

    It’s good to keep busy even later in life but it’s sad more and more people need to work longer in order to keep on top of debt.

  • The ‘Riskiest’ Cities In Canada: Study Finds 50 Cities At Risk Of Cybercrime
  • “The study ranked cities based on access to Wi-Fi hotspots, consumer spending on computers, the use of the Internet and smartphones, and behaviour on social networking sites.Burlington was followed by three British Columbia cities, including Port Coquitlam in second place, Vancouver in third and Langley in fourth.”

    Edmonton takes the 9th spot (up from 13th last year). Let’s all be a little more careful and a little smarter when it comes to passwords, online banking, online shopping, scams, etc.

  • Anonymous reveals name of Vic Toews’ alleged mistress
  • “Hacktivist group Anonymous has released more details about Public Safety Minister Vic Toews, who was under siege on twitter last week for his controversial ‘online snooping bill.’ Anonymous’ latest leak claims to reveal the woman involved in Toews’ now-public divorce. In a seven-minute YouTube video, Anonymous names Stacey Meek as his alleged mistress, claiming that she was a babysitter with whom he had an affair between 1986-1993.”

    I’m actually surprised there isn’t more media coverage on this…

  • Quebec Man, Sentenced To 6 Years For 24th Drunk Driving Conviction
  • “The St. Ubalde, Quebec, resident was sentenced on Tuesday to six years in prison for his 24th drunk driving conviction, in what is believed to be an all-time Canadian record. But Gingras’ numerical achievements don’t end there. According to La Presse, the 67-year-old man has drunk driving convictions going back 47 years, as well as six convictions for driving while under a ban, four convictions for refusing to submit to a breathalyzer, and 30 convictions for theft and assault. In all, he has racked up 58 charges in 47 separate cases.”

    And yet… only six years in jail? He’s obviously not getting it. And next time he could kill someone. I’m surprised he hasn’t yet. Wow.

  • Health Canada backs vegetable oil claims but experts are skeptical
  • “While the food industry applauded Health Canada’s decision to approve a new claim that advises Canadians to replace saturated fat with vegetable oil, health experts and nutritionists say the move isn’t in the best interests of Canadians and will likely mislead consumers.”

    Eating healthy is too hard (and expensive) anyway.

  • Google Plans to Sell Internet-Enabled Glasses By Year-End
  • “Google plans to start selling glasses by the end of the year that can stream online information and make it visible via a small screen near the eyes, the New York Times reported.”

    The future is coming!

  • Will You Be Twitter’s 500 Millionth User?
  • “Shortly after 1 p.m. ET, Twitter hit 500 million users, according to Naturally, the analyst company is on to the next benchmark — the countdown to 600 million registered users. The estimated time until the next Twitter celebration is only 108 days away. There were an estimated 922,000 users accounted for in the past 24 hours.”

    Twitter is on fire! Also:

  • Twitter co-founder Stone says it’s unhealthy to stare at tweets all day
  • “‘To me, that sounds unhealthy,’ Stone told a Montreal business luncheon, recounting how some people have said they’re so engaged, they’ll log onto Twitter for 12 hours straight. ‘I like the kind of engagement where you go to the website and you leave because you’ve found what you are looking for or you found something very interesting and you learned something. I think that’s a much healthier engagement.'”

    Lol. Yeah #yeg!

  • A Famous Inventor’s Forgotten Idea: A One-Handed Touch-Screen Keyboard
  • “We’re talking about an interface with exponential possibilities. If the five-button keyboard gives us 2^5 binary combinations (or 32), realize that a 10-button version could offer 2^10 (or 1024) different letters and commands. Scale the idea to the typical 100-button QWERTY on our laptops, and your options are labeled in scientific notation. Just when you thought typing classes were a dated idea…”

    Sometimes I wish my phone were easier to touch screen type with one hand!

  • US congressman chimes in on Jeremy Lin’s roots
  • “Amid a recent war of words between Taiwan and China over the ancestral homeland of rising NBA star Jeremy Lin (林書豪), a US lawmaker yesterday stressed the Taiwanese American’s US roots during a meeting with President Ma Ying-jeou.”

    Lol, funny.

  • Social messaging cost carriers $14B in SMS revenue
  • “The research firm revealed yesterday that carriers lost $13.9 billion in SMS revenue in 2011 because of consumers chatting with friends on social-messaging applications. Those applications range from everything from Facebook’s mobile app, which features chatting, to instant-messaging apps. Apple’s iMessage is also included in that list… ‘Social messaging has disrupted traditional services, and operators’ revenues in this area will come under increasing pressure.'”

    Who needs texting any more when you’ve got Facebook and Twitter and iMessaging… :) lol.

  • Texting makes you a linguistic Soup Nazi, study says
  • “A study suggests that those who text more are less accepting of new words and more rigid about existing ones.”

    That’s a weird find.

  • [Video]: Dog Chases Mountain Lion Into Los Altos Tree
  • “Sure, they can be ferocious predators, but sometimes a mountain lion appears as docile as a common house cat. The latter happened in the Los Altos Hills Tuesday morning, when Cody, an 85-pound German shepherd, chased a trespassing mountain lion into a tree in his owners’ backyard.”


  • [Photos]: 20 Cats In Sinks
  • “What is with cats loving to lounge in sinks.”

    Lol, love it!!!!!

Thor Photo of the Day:

The two besties :)

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