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Explore Edmonton: Things To Do For Valentine’s Day 2017

Linda Hoang - January 31, 2017
Valentines Day Explore Edmonton Events

I love love! And I love celebrating love. I try to do this year-round, but like having an excuse to do it each year on Valentine’s Day.  Here’s a list of date ideas I’ve put together to help you plan your Valentine’s Day in Edmonton! It largely builds off previous lists I’ve created so if there are new events happening, please let me know and I’d …

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Review + Giveaway: SideQuests Adventure Inc. Edmonton Escape Rooms

Linda Hoang - January 10, 2017
SideQuests Adventure Inc Edmonton Escape Rooms

Happy New Year everyone! I was hoping my first post of 2017 would be some type of thoughtful recap of the past year and just as thoughtful look-ahead to the coming year, but I haven’t really had a chance to put together those thoughtful thoughts, so instead I’m going to blab on about some more Edmonton escape games. :)  I always love when an escape room introduces new …

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Recap + Giveaway: The X-Realm Edmonton Escape Game

Linda Hoang - June 25, 2016
The X-Realm Edmonton Escape Room Game

The problem with my obsession of escape games, is that eventually puzzle themes and patterns start to reveal or repeat themselves, and rooms start feeling easy. You go into an escape room wanting to succeed but you also don’t want to solve the puzzles too easily and quickly! One time, we got out of a room in just 25 minutes and when you’re paying $25 …

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Recap + Giveaway: InTRAP Edmonton Escape Room

Linda Hoang - March 16, 2016
INTRAP Escape Room Edmonton - Escape

One of my all-time favourite things to do with friends is trying out Edmonton’s escape rooms. In the last two years, escape games have surged in popularity in our city. As of March 2016, there are at least 8 companies opened (with more in the works). You’d think that’s a lot but Mike and I recently tried an escape room in Vancouver and the owner there told us at …

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Travel Vancouver: Long Weekend Getaway (Things to do in Vancouver)

Linda Hoang - February 20, 2016

Mike and I have been jetting away the last few Valentine’s/long weekends. In 2015, we were in Disneyworld (I was also there for a conference). In 2014, we went dogsledding in the Canadian Rockies (near Jasper)! While there’s lots to do for Valentine’s in Edmonton, at that time of year we are just always itching for some kind of getaway. This year, with the Canadian/US …

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Review + Giveaway: GTFO Escape Entertainment (Win Free Game Passes!)

Linda Hoang - December 29, 2015
GTFO Escape Entertainment - Edmonton Escape Rooms

I feel like every few months I’m saying “there’s a new escape room in Edmonton” – because it really does feel like every few months, there’s a new escape room in Edmonton! As a big escape game enthusiast, that is a great thing. As of December 2015, there are now five escape game companies in Edmonton – the newest one – GTFO Escape Entertainment – quietly opened downtown …

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Recap + Giveaway: SmartyPantz Edmonton – Live Action Escape Game

Linda Hoang - October 10, 2015
Edmonton Escape Rooms - SmartyPantz RU 1 - Live Action

I loooove escape rooms. They’ve quickly become ‘the’ thing to do in Edmonton – with FOUR different companies opening in just a year! For those who don’t know: an escape room game is basically where you and a group of friends are put in a themed room with a certain scenario and various puzzles that need to be solved in order to escape the room …

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Recap & Giveaway: Edmonton Escape (Eescape) Live Action Escape Game

Linda Hoang - May 23, 2015

There’s a new live action escape game in town! Eescape Live Action Escape Game is the latest company to bring the popular escape game concept to Edmonton. From the website: Eescape offers people a chance to participate in an emerging world phenomenon. We offer some of the most exciting sleuthing action to be found. Experience real life adventure gaming and entertainment. Challenge your intelligence with a …

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