Review: Gui Lin Noodle House

Gui Lin Noodle House Edmonton

Gui Lin Noodle House at 10626 97 Street.

Every Tuesday for a long time, my dad and I go for lunch. Tuesday’s are a day off at our family restaurant. Back when I worked at CTV we usually went for lunch at Pho Rice Pot, a Vietnamese restaurant across the street from the newsroom. We knew the owner, the food was pretty good, and the location very convenient for quick work lunches. When I started at NAIT we switched our weekly lunch locations to north-central.

One of the places we would regularly try was a Vietnamese place across the road from our own family restaurant (King Noodle House) in Chinatown called Uyen Uong. Their soup wasn’t good but their rice and vermicelli dishes were solid. Sadly Uyen Uong closed a couple weeks ago. (The restaurant business can be so damn tough :()

Almost immediately after closing though, Uyen Uong reopened as Gui Lin Noodle House (10626 97 St.) – a Chinese restaurant that focused solely on noodle dishes.

My dad and I tried Gui Lin this week as part of our weekly lunches and I must say I really enjoyed it!

Gui Lin Noodle House Edmonton

Inside Gui Lin Noodle House.

They don’t have an exterior sign yet. Inside, they basically repainted but if you had been to Uyen Uong prior to closing, it basically looks the same. It’s very clean.

Gui Lin Noodle House Edmonton

The menu at Gui Lin Noodle House.

The menu features three pages of noodle dishes – they really stress the Gui Lin style here. Their meats range from minced pork to pork belly, pork hock, lamb brisket and beef brisket. They had soups as well as dry dishes. Prices are fairly reasonable – between $10-$13 a bowl.

It looked like they had no appetizers but we discovered they do – it’s just listed only in Chinese on small signs on the walls. (I assume this will change to incorporate English in the future, not sure why it doesn’t already).

Gui Lin Noodle House Edmonton

Appetizers apparently, lol.

(Note: after I tweeted this, my friend Lesley translated the appetizer sign for me!)

Service was fast! Only way to describe it. Walk in – boom seated. Menus given. Orders taken. The food came out in less than 10 minutes and it was good.

My dad ordered the Lamb Brisket Lo Vermicelli Gui Lin Style – $12.95.

Gui Lin Noodle House Edmonton

Lamb Brisket Lo Vermicelli Gui Lin Style – $12.95 – at Gui Lin Noodle House.

I ordered the Pork Belly Vermicelli in Soup Gui Lin Style – $10.75.

Gui Lin Noodle House Edmonton

Pork Belly Vermicelli in Soup Gui Lin Style – $10.75 – at Gui Lin Noodle House.

We both really liked our dishes. I thought the flavours were great. Both had great combinations of meat, pickled vegetables and noodles. The noodles are round vermicelli, like what you’d find in a pho bun bo hue. Also, I’m a big fan of the pickled veggies.

Gui Lin Noodle House Edmonton

Not the best side soup to accompany vermicelli at Gui Lin Noodle House.

My dad’s dish came with a side broth palette cleanser that was not good at all. I wondered if it was the same broth base for my soup dish but my soup dish tasted significantly better, perhaps because the mix of meat and vegetables soaked into the broth to create a tasty flavour-splosion.

Gui Lin Noodle House Edmonton

Fried Macaroni with Minced Pork Gui Lin Style – $10.50 – at Gui Lin Noodle House.

We also ordered a Fried Macaroni with Minced Pork Gui Lin Style – $10.50 – to bring home for Mike. I was curious how an Asian take on macaroni pasta would taste and the answer is: good! I liked it more than Mike did (had a few bites). He said there wasn’t enough meat, the macaroni was good but he didn’t like the clumpy vegetables. He’s a picky vegetable guy though.

Gui Lin Noodle House Edmonton

My lunch date!

Overall, I think Gui Lin is a fantastic noodle spot. The food is great, the service was super, super quick, and the space is really bright and clean.

I can tell this is a place I’ll return to! If you’re in the mood for some Asian noodles that isn’t my parent’s delicious pho, I’d recommend checking out Gui Lin! Promising start for this new addition to Chinatown! I’m sorry Uyen Uong didn’t make it but here’s hoping this place does okay.

So have you been to Gui Lin Noodle House? What did you think?!


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Social Media Notes (#56) – Links for the Week of January 4 – 11

Social Media Notes

Here’s this week’s round-up of social media (& tech) news. Come by each week for what I hope to be a fun & informative blog post on social stories that caught my eye throughout the week!

  • iMedia Conference is back! Stay tuned for session information. I’ve been asked to emcee again which I’ve agreed to! They were nice enough to ask me to emcee last year I am happy to do it again :-)

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Recap: My Top Posts of 2014!

Linda Hoang Top 10 Posts of 2014

As 2014 comes to an end, WordPress has given me an easy way to put out a year-end blog post – they sent all WordPress Jetpack users a summary of some fun blog stat facts over the past year! Here’s my summary:

In 2014, I posted 122 times.

My Top 10 posts were:

Some of my popular posts were written before 2014 so WordPress says my “writing has staying power” lol :) It is also worth noting my review of Bangkok Restaurant (also hot pot) was the Top 12 post, and my recap of our experience at a taping of The Colbert Report also made Top 11 (I note that since the show wrapped up completely just a couple of weeks ago. Tears forever). My review of one of my favourite new Italian restaurants in Spruce Grove Porta Romana, also round out the Top 15.

Other tidbits – I seemed to post a lot on Mondays - that day had the most number of new posts made. My longest streak for blogs in a review was in November – when I posted at least once a day for 5 days. This was due to my series of blog post recaps of my experience at Christmas in November!

My top referrers were:

(Shout out to Mack and Sharon! Thanks for linking to my posts!)

And I had visitors from 135 countries but most traffic came from Canada.

The U.S. and U.K. were close behind.

So fun! My overall blog traffic doubled from 2013 to 2014 too.

Thank you readers!!!

I appreciate everyone who takes the time to read this blog. So, so, appreciative!

I promise to remain consistent with my posts into 2015! Coming up after this: a couple more restaurant reviews, Part 2 of my Top Edmonton Instagram Users to follow, and mine and friend @britl’s hot pot review series! As you can see from the top posts listed above, Edmontonians clearly have an appetite for hot pot reviews!

Did you have a favourite blog post / restaurant review that you read on this blog in the past year? Please let me know! :)