Explore Edmonton: K-Days 2016

Linda Hoang - July 24, 2016
K-Days - Edmonton - Summer

Summers in Edmonton are unbelievable. There’s always something to do and often – especially on weekends – there are SO many events and activities that it’s really hard to decide which one to do! That’s a great problem to have, especially if you’re summer vacations revolve primarily around staycations. Each summer, Mike and I make a point to spend a day at K-Days, Edmonton’s biggest …

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Purina Pet People: 3 Ways My Pets Make Life Bigger and Better!

Linda Hoang - July 18, 2016
Thor Loki Artie Olive

“Pets don’t just make life better. They make it bigger.”  Every day I am in awe of our pets and the joy they bring into our lives. I truly believe pets make life bigger and better – which conveniently enough is what Purina’s new Live Big Campaign is all about. #LetsLiveBig celebrates the impact pets have had on our lives, and looks at what we can do …

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Review: Dinner at the Highlands Golf Club

Linda Hoang - July 17, 2016
Highlands Golf Club Restaurant - Edmonton

I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Highlands Golf Club a few months ago when I guest judged at the Mount Royal Elementary School Culinary Cook Off. Highlands Golf Club’s chef made a tasty chorizo rosemary penne pasta that I really enjoyed, so I was excited when the club reached out to see if I was interested in checking out their restaurant offerings. Did …

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Giveaway: Boston Pizza Summer Menu (Try their All-Star Line-Up!)

Linda Hoang - July 12, 2016
Boston Pizza Edmonton Summer Menu Giveaway

Summer is great for a lot of reasons – the sunshine, vacations, all the Edmonton festivals, that patio life. I also love it because restaurants typically release special summer menu items! Boston Pizza invited Mike and I down to try some of their new Summer Menu items and is giving me two $50 gift cards to giveaway for readers so you can try the items too. …

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How Pokemon Go got my husband to go out and explore his city

Linda Hoang - July 11, 2016
Pokemon Go - Edmonton - Murals and Art

“I can’t wait until we go downtown again.” Mike (my husband) has never said this to me – until now. He comes from a tiny town northwest of Edmonton and for as long as I’ve known him (7+ years) he’s never initiated a trip downtown. Or really anywhere. In our relationship, I’m definitely the one responsible for getting us out and about – doing and …

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Recap: Exploring Alberta on the Alberta Prairie Railway!

Linda Hoang - July 10, 2016
Alberta Prairie Railway - Stettler - Big Valley - Train - Travel Alberta

As Mike and I continue to staycation the heck out of this province, we were both pretty excited to cross ‘train ride’ off our Alberta summer vacation list. I first heard of the Alberta Prairie Railway a few years ago. Someone I know had tried it and loved it – then recommended it to me, but I can’t remember who!! (So if it was you, please let me know!) I’d …

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Recap + Giveaway: The X-Realm Edmonton Escape Game

Linda Hoang - June 25, 2016
The X-Realm Edmonton Escape Room Game

The problem with my obsession of escape games, is that eventually puzzle themes and patterns start to reveal or repeat themselves, and rooms start feeling easy. You go into an escape room wanting to succeed but you also don’t want to solve the puzzles too easily and quickly! One time, we got out of a room in just 25 minutes and when you’re paying $25 …

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Recap: Wheat Garden Chinese Noodle & Dumpling Bazaar (Northern Chinese Noodles)

Linda Hoang - June 9, 2016
Wheat Garden Chinese Noodle and Dumpling Bazaar - Edmonton

I’m a sucker for noodles! I have Vietnamese banh pho noodles at least twice a week (thanks mom). I love me all types of pasta noodles. I’ve been having lots of Japanese ramen noodles since we went to Japan last October. And lately, I’ve really been craving Chinese noodles, especially from Wheat Garden Chinese Noodle & Dumpling Bazaar, thanks to their persistent social media presence! Social media really …

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Recap: 3rd Annual Interactive Blogger Dinner at the Fairmont Macdonald

Linda Hoang - June 7, 2016
Fairmont Hotel Macdonald - Interactive Blogger Dinner - Edmonton

This year I was fortunate enough to be invited back to the Fairmont Hotel Macdonald’s 3rd Annual Interactive Blogger Dinner! The behind-the-scenes cooking experience puts me and four other food lovers inside the Fairmont’s kitchens, working alongside the hotel’s talented chefs to create a delicious, three-course meal that we also get to eat! It’s such a fun (and tasty) experience that I’ve suggested the Fairmont hold it …

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Recap + Giveaway: Throwing axes at Bad Axe Throwing

Linda Hoang - April 28, 2016
Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Did you know indoor urban axe throwing is a thing? In my endless search of unique things to do in Edmonton, I found myself throwing axes for fun on a Thursday night earlier this month. I’d been hearing more about axe throwing as a mainstream sport recently – with the opening of Axe Hole Edmonton last fall. Now the company Bad Axe Throwing – which has locations across Canada – …

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