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Social Media Spotlight: Top Edmonton Instagram Users to Follow (version 2)

Top Edmonton users on Instagram

Last summer, I did a post about some of my favourite Edmonton Instagram users. Instagram is one of my favourite social networks and I’m finding more people using it, and more people using it so well. I love following users who are being very deliberate with the kinds of photos they’re taking and sharing, so I knew shortly after I made that original list, that I would be following up again with another because there’s just so much local Instagram talent! Seeing their photos are a delight and inspire me to take/share better photos! Let me know what you think and if you’ve got some of your own favourite accounts to follow, share them with me in the comments below!

Top 25 Edmonton Instagram Users to Follow (in no particular order)

Alex Migdal – @alexem

Edmonton Instagram Users - alexem

Alex takes stunning photos. The only reason I didn’t include him in my first list was he was working out of Edmonton during the summer and I really wasn’t sure if he was coming back … but he has! And Edmonton Instagram photos are better for it. There’s a big focus on buildings and scenery with Alex’s feed. Lots to love here!

Maegan Lukian – @mlukian

Edmonton Instagram Users - mlukian

There’s always lots of food-centric feeds you could follow but only a few that stand out so. Maegan’s is one of those! She’s got the looking down on the dish angle photo shot perfected. She’s got an adorable dog. She’s super stylish. And there’s a really pleasing fade on all her images.

Lisa Kaiser – @lisaemkaiser

Edmonton Instagram Users- lisaemkaiser

You know how you know some people in real life and not through social media (oh yeah, that real life thing? ;)) Well I knew Lisa through Mike and was so pleasantly surprised when I discovered just how on point her Instagram game is! She’s a country girl and a lot of her gorgeous images show just that – countryside around Edmonton. Unlike the above, who lean towards the faded, light filters. Lisa goes for the super bright filters. Her photos just pop!

Nicholas Yee – @nicholasdyee

Edmonton Instagram Users - nicholasdyee

If ever you need reminders of the beauty of winter – check out Nicholas Yee’s Instagram feed. Snow has never looked better. Beyond his beautiful snowy mountain images, I am always blown away by the stunning city shots Nicholas takes. I don’t know where he stands or what filters he uses but the photos are unreal.

Tyler Jack Butler – @tylerjackbutler

Edmonton Instagram Users - tylerjackbutler

Everyone’s got their Instagram style and Tyler’s is the screw-you-I-ain’t-using-the-square-format. All of his fantastic images are landscape, flanked by white. I like Instagram users who commit to this style (I don’t think it looks as nice when you jump from square to horizontal to square again) so for Tyler’s feed it really works. He’s got a great eye (This helps make the @MacEwanU Instagram account he also manages a top-knotch, gorgeous feed to follow too!)

Ewa Piecha – @ewapiecha

Edmonton Instagram Users - ewapiecha

Ewa’s food photos cannot be ignored. She embraces the bright, pop of colour more than anyone else in this list and it’s impossible not to get sucked into her feed. It’s also impossible not to be inspired! Most of the delicious food she features on Instagram are homemade and she could easily get a job as a professional food stager. Seriously. So pretty.

Ashley Green – @nopantsash

Edmonton Instagram Users - nopantsash

Like Tyler, Ashley really commits to the horizontal/white border style. She’s a professional photographer so you expect her images to be nothing short of awesome, and they are. This eternal optimist finds the beauty in everything (example: ocean ‘crap’ that she finds – and makes look – pretty)!

Sandy Phimester – @sandyphimester

Edmonton Instagram Users - sandyphimester

Sandy is another professional, local photographer who is worth following. His style can be pretty intense and his feed features a lot of models in black and white. It’s very striking and dramatic. The only downside to his feed is most photos aren’t actually taken with a phone, rather all of his awesome, professional cameras. But that’s okay – it’s still really nice photos to look at!

Devin Komarniski – @devinkomarniski

Edmonton Instagram Users - devinkomarniski

Although he doesn’t post as much as he did (just became a dad, you know those things can kind of distract you from Instagram, lol), I’ve always admired Devin’s style, and his eye for photos. He does fantastic work for the Bissell Centre (whose account I featured in my first list) and you can see the same photographic flair on his personal feed too! He also likes to take photos of pretty retro, antique-y things. Not something you see too often so I always like what he comes up with.

Andrea Chan – @littlmissandrea

Edmonton Instagram Users - littlmissandrea

As far as Edmonton food bloggers go, Andrea is one of the best! Her photos are lovely. Bright. Beautiful. All angled up (#artsygram and #offcentregram as I call them!) Try not to be 1. inspired and 2. hungry when you look at her photos. You just can’t!

Dakota Barber – @stateandoccupation

Edmonton Instagram Users - stateandoccupation

I love Dakota’s photos! She’s got this great thing going with holding simple objects up against a white wall that is just lovely to look at. She also takes some really artsy selfies and does some neat stuff with polaroids. Well worth a follow.

Poppy Barley – @PoppyBarley

Edmonton Instagram Users - PoppyBarley

There are very few businesses (even fewer local businesses) who just ‘get’ Instagram. Poppy Barley is one of the few. They know how to showcase their product in a beautiful feed that just makes you want to go to shopping. Everything posted is done with a purpose.

Caroline Gault – @carolinegault

Edmonton Instagram Users - carolinegault

Caroline is behind Poppy Barley so the beautiful feed follows to her own personal account too. Like the business account, she ‘gets’ it. Each individual photo stands on its own and together, gorgeous! I really want to know what filters these guys use. So pretty!

Dawn Graves – @dawngraves

Edmonton Instagram Users - dawngraves

Pretty. Bright. Interesting lines and angles. A beautiful perspective on everyday objects that you don’t normally see. Dawn’s feed is a beauty.

Anton Atienza – @antonatienza

Edmonton Instagram Users - Antonatienza

I love Anton’s feed! It’s super clean. His photos are so well composed. They’ll inspire you to eat better, dress better, just generally live better. ;)

Christian Haylett – @metal_firecracker

Edmonton Instagram Users - metal_firecracker

Like Nicholas, Christian takes really lovely scenic photos. He’s got the countryside barn shot down and unlike Nicholas’ stark, white, images, Christian’s got a lot of lovely, light colours in his. So beautiful!

North 53 – @north_53

Edmonton Instagram Users - north_53

It’s always nice to see an account that has a distinct style and you get that immediately when looking at North 53’s Instagram. Like how it feels when you’re there in person, North 53’s feed/photos exude hip and cool. A great business that shares very purposeful photos.

Matthew Langford – @mcxavierl

Edmonton Instagram Users - Mcxavierl

Matthew is another great Instagrammer, with a beautiful eye! His scenic city shots make you wonder how you’ve missed all the beauty around Edmonton. There’s a lovely balance of bright, colourful shots along with the more faded filters. So pleasing to look at!

OliverApt – @oliverapt

Edmonton Instagram Users - oliverapt

OliverApt custom furniture/woodworking company takes great images of their team and their product. They’ve also got the text overlay on images thing perfected. It’s a very clean photo feed that does a great job showcasing who they are and what they do. You also probably won’t find another local account that takes this many (artistic) photos of wood.

Julie Rohr – @julierohryeg

Edmonton Instagram Users - julierohryeg

Julie’s got a lovely, old-timey feel to her Instagram photos. Her subjects are beautiful and so is she! Contagious smile, great captions, great photos.

Vikki Wiercinski – @veekeeweekee

Edmonton Instagram Users - veekeeweekee

Vikki’s photos are gorgeous. Cool signs, cats, designs – interesting close-ups, beautiful skies and tasty-looking food. A traveller, you’ll find some neat photos from Edmonton and all over with this feed.

Rosario Caputo – @cibobistro

Edmonton Instagram Users - cibobistro

Rosario of Cibo Bistro will make you oh so hungry for pasta. It’s a really cool look inside the kitchen at Cibo that will inspire you to make your own delicious pasta or just run out to have Rosario’s. Flour and eggs never looked so good. Seeing these also make you appreciate all the work that goes into that dinner.

Justine Ma – @justinemadesign

Edmonton Instagram Users - justinemadesign

Typography is the coolest and no one’s words look prettier on Instagram than Justine’s. Her feed showcases her calligraphy skills and is a must follow for any design/word nerd. Her words are also very inspiring.

Kira Paran – @northern_style

Edmonton Instagram User - northern_style

Kira’s fashion feed is so clean and so gorgeous. She’s got fantastic style and knows how to use beautiful images to highlight that style. Her outfits also embrace the Edmonton winters and remind you just how cute you can look in warm layers. Definitely a must follow for local fashion Instagrammers. Her already massive following (22,000+) can vouch her awesomeness.

Bruce – @brucealiencat

Edmonton Instagram User - brucealiencat

Bruce is one of the cutest and probably one of the most popular local Edmonton cats on Instagram! With more than 1,600 followers already, Bruce knows how to work it for the camera. Bruce is from space, but is not Lil Bub, but I’m sure Bruce and Bub would be good friends. A must follow for cat lovers! Bonus that Bruce is local.


I hope you enjoyed this list! Don’t forget to check out the other local Instagram users I think you should follow (version 1 of my list) too! and of course – follow me! @lindork. Please also leave a comment below or tweet/Instagram me & let me know who you love to follow on Instagram!


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Giveaway: Pair of tickets to 2015 Edmonton Winefest (valued at $150)

Winefest Edmonton Feb 13 & 14, 2015

Winefest Edmonton Feb 13 & 14, 2015

One of the great events I forgot to include in my 20 Things to Do in Edmonton for Valentine’s Day was go sample 251 wines from all over the world at 2015 Edmonton Winefest!

Edmonton’s all-inclusive wine event is back at the Shaw Conference Centre on February 13-14. Celebrating its seventh year in Edmonton, Winefest guests get to sample from a wide selection of local and international wines from 15 of the world’s top wine regions. Wine experts are there to share their knowledge and suggest tasting notes.

Sip and savour a delicious selection of hors d’oeuvres from Shaw Conference Centre Catering, The Cheesiry, Dave’s Hot Pepper Jelly, Mojojojo Pickles, and Buttery Bites Caramels. You can also buy some of your favourite finds to enjoy at home.



(VALUED AT $150)

I’m so excited that Winefest has given me a pair of tickets to give away for the Saturday, Feb. 14 (Valentine’s Day!) afternoon session (2-5 p.m.)!

To enter, do one or all of the following!

  • Leave a comment on this blog post answering the question: what’s your favourite wine and food pairing? (gets you 5 entries)
  • Like my new Facebook Page – Lindork (Linda Hoang) – and share this contest Facebook post on your page. (gets you 5 entries)
  • Follow me on Twitter @lindork and tweet the following: I entered @lindork’s blog giveaway for tickets to @Winefest @EdmontonSCC (valued at $150)!! #yeg #yegfood (gets you 5 entries)
  • Follow me on Instagram @lindork (gets you 1 entry) – let me know you’ve done this!
  • Follow Winefest on Twitter at @Winefest (gets you 1 entry) – let me know you’ve done this!

I will randomly draw a winning entry from all entries after the contest closes on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 10 p.m.

Please note comments need to be moderated so if you don’t see your comment appear right away, don’t worry!

Thanks and good luck everyone!



Thank you to everyone who entered!!! Stay tuned for more fun giveaways.


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Review: The Keg Steakhouse Winter Grill Menu + Enter to Win a $100 Gift Card to The Keg!

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

On Thursday, I was invited to try The Keg Steakhouse’s new Winter Grill Menu at their South Edmonton Common location. Thursday also happened to be the big Edmonton snow storm day – the biggest dump of snow we’ve had in awhile (it’s been a really nice winter, let’s be honest!) Needless to say, it really did feel like winter so the timing of trying out the Winter Grill menu was actually quite perfect.

Read on for my recap and also check out the bottom for details on how to enter to win a $100 gift card to The Keg so you too can try the Winter Grill menu!

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Winter Grill Menu features a new lobster bisque and four specialty steaks. It’s in addition to The Keg’s already tasty regular menu and is available until March 29.

I’ve been to The Keg several times over the years and have always had good experiences (my go-to is always their Prime Rib Classic, but a few weeks ago I also tried their chicken, which is also good!)

For this night, my friend Brandi was my date. Brandi has also been going to The Keg for years – in fact it’s her mom’s favourite birthday restaurant for the past several birthdays Brandi’s family gets together to do a fancy night out with their mom at The Keg. Basically, we were really excited to try this new menu!

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

Despite the snow storm, the dining room was packed. I shouldn’t be surprised because I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Keg that hasn’t been packed. They’re doing something right because they’re always busy!

Our server was named James and was very, very good. He was super attentive, very friendly, and seemed to have a tidbit about everything! Knew what paired well with what, what the different sauces tasted like, and had lots of recommendations for us.

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

Before we hit the food, we started with two fun cocktails – a Blue Hawaiian ($6) and a Cranberry Mojito ($6.50). These were great. Very refreshing.

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

For food, we started with the Winter Grill Menu Lobster Bisque – a smooth, creamy decadent soup with hints of Atlantic lobster throughout ($11) as well as a Caesar salad ($8).

I really enjoyed the lobster bisque. It was what it promised – smooth, creamy, lobster-y. (I’m a pretty good food writer, hey? lol) Break off some sourdough bread to dip for extra texture and tastiness. My only other thought is at the time I felt like there could have been more soup, but in hindsight after stuffing myself with the steak and desserts, the amount of starter soup was just right.

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

For our entrees, I ordered the Keg Stuffed Filet – which was a 7 oz. steak filet filled with capocollo sausage, dates, jalapenos, and feta cheese, wrapped in applewood smoked bacon with a side of roasted garlic mashed potatoes ($36).

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

Brandi ordered the Kansas City Strip – a tender, grilled bone-in 18 oz. New York striploin with a side of twice baked potato ($35).

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

We both thought our dishes were fantastic. I’ve never had a stuffed steak before – in fact I’ve never really heard of that being done before – but it should happen more often because it is delicious. The combination of slightly hot sausage, with the dates, hot jalapenos and cheese, just worked. Though the sausage was more like ham slices not what I was expecting when he said it would be a sausage. The steak was pretty sweet, which I don’t normally associate with steak, but I loved it. Brandi’s strip was massive, super tender and smokey.

You can never go wrong with the potato side options, and though generally I think The Keg’s vegetables always seem to be a little underdone, tonight was more done than what I’ve had in the past so I was happy about that!

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

Throughout the night we also had a chance to sample some wines. The Keg just started their Wine on Tap program, so they were excited to show that off. I actually don’t like wine so I felt bad I didn’t really enjoy the ones we tried. Brandi doesn’t really like wine either so we weren’t really the best wine connoisseurs for this kind of sampling. If you’re into wine, I think you’d probably love what they have to offer! We also tried a “full bodied light body” (which James said was a funny oxymoron) pinot noir Meiomi from Sonoma Valley. Try that one! (You can also buy that one at Costco).

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

We finished the meal with The Keg’s famous Billy Miner (Mud) Pie – mocha ice cream on a chocolate crust with hot fudge, caramel and almonds ($6) and a trio of ‘Sweet Minis’ (that turned out to not be all that mini, especially if you order all 3!) a Butter Tart, Fudge Brownie and Mango Creme Brulee ($3 each or $8 for all three). As with wine, I am not really a dessert person, and after having stuffed myself with the bisque and steak, I was already pretty full – but I think for a dessert person (like Brandi) this was the perfect cap to a pretty great meal (she literally devoured the Mud Pie. by herself. no drops left. lol)

During the dinner my pal Monica asked if the lobster bisque was gluten-free.

When I asked James, he said unfortunately no – but then proceeded to tell us that 90% of The Keg’s regular menu can be made gluten-free. They recognized a few years ago that many of their customers were coming in with gluten intolerances/had celiac disease so they made it a priority to take a look at everything they made and see how they could make it work to be gluten-free. Pretty commendable!

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

The Keg Steakhouse Edmonton

Overall, we really had just the best time. The service was wonderful. The atmosphere was great. I had never been to the South Common location and I have to say it’s easily the best and biggest. High ceilings. Nice room. Really cool!

The price points at The Keg, and especially with this Winter Grill menu, are not cheap. You couldn’t do this kind of a dinner every night, and generally, I don’t think people do. People come to The Keg for special occasions and if you are coming before March 29, I urge you to try something off this Winter Grill menu (and if not, please do get the Prime Rib Classic. It’s my favourite there! lol) But it won’t be a cheap night out – so just know that going into it. Will it be worth it? Yes! Great food, great service = worth the money, but certainly not something you could swing all the time. I honestly believe The Keg continues to do so well because not only is their food good/consistent, but their service is fantastic. Do not underestimate how much good or bad service can affect someone’s dining experience!

Okay, so that was the recap, but now for the real fun!



The Keg has graciously given me a $100 gift card to give away! (Thank you!!)

To enter, do one or all of the following!

  • Leave a comment on this blog post answering the question: Which item on The Keg’s new Winter Grill menu would you most like to try? (see the menu here) (gets you 5 entries)
  • Like my new Facebook Page – Lindork (Linda Hoang) – and share this contest Facebook post on your page. (gets you 5 entries)
  • Follow me on Twitter @lindork and tweet the following: I entered @lindork’s blog giveaway for a $100 gift card to @TheKeg to try their new Winter Grill Menu! #yeg #yegfood (gets you 5 entries)
  • Follow me on Instagram @lindork (gets you 1 entry) – let me know you’ve done this!
  • Follow The Keg on Twitter at @TheKeg (gets you 1 entry) – let me know you’ve done this!

I will randomly draw a winning entry from all entries after the contest closes on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 at 10 p.m.

Please note comments need to be moderated so if you don’t see your comment appear right away, don’t worry!

Thanks and good luck everyone!



Thank you to everyone who entered!!! Stay tuned for more fun giveaways.


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