Recap + Giveaway: Throwing axes at Bad Axe Throwing

Linda Hoang - April 28, 2016
Bad Axe Throwing - Edmonton - Axe Throw

Did you know indoor urban axe throwing is a thing? In my endless search of unique things to do in Edmonton, I found myself throwing axes for fun on a Thursday night earlier this month. I’d been hearing more about axe throwing as a mainstream sport recently – with the opening of Axe Hole Edmonton last fall. Now the company Bad Axe Throwing – which has locations across Canada – …

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Review: Passion de France

Linda Hoang - April 19, 2016
Passion de France - Alberta Avenue - Edmonton

One of the biggest factors that influence where I go to eat is – posts on social media! Ha, not surprising right? So many of my food adventures are dictated by what I see on Twitter and Instagram – photos of where people are eating, recommendations, chefs and restaurants sharing their dishes and behind-the-scenes. Twitter is where I discovered Passion de France – this cute little bakery …

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Purina Pet People: Tips for the Best Cat Litter Experience (+ Tidy Cats Giveaway!)

Linda Hoang - April 17, 2016
Thor Litter Purina Tidy Cat

My fur babies are a big, big part of my life. If you’re following me on social media, you’ve likely seen photos and videos of my two cats and two dogs – Thor (who just turned 5), Loki (3 years old), Olive (2 years old), and Artie (who is the newest to our family, and nearly 6 months old). Check out #OliveAndTheCats and #OliveandArtie for some cute posts! …

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Recap: Segway Tour through Edmonton’s River Valley

Linda Hoang - April 10, 2016
River Valley Adventure Company Edmonton Segway Tour

Although I’ve lived in Edmonton my entire life (nearing 27 years now), and as much as I try to attend or partake in unique-to-Edmonton events and activities, there are still so many I’ve yet to do – and that’s something that really excites me. Something that’s been on my Explore Edmonton bucket list for awhile now is doing a segway tour through Edmonton’s River Valley! …

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Review: Brunch and Bacon Feast at Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse

Linda Hoang - April 6, 2016
Pampa Brazilian Steakhouse Edmonton - Brunch

Last weekend was all about the meat sweats at Pampa Brazilian Steak House! Pampa, located at 9929 109 Street downtown, recently launched their Bacon Feast promotion and invited me and some of food loving friends down to try their bacon specials. I also had the pleasure of trying Pampa’s Sunday brunch offerings! Read on for a recap of Bacon Feast + brunch, and enter to …

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Recap + Giveaway: ‘It’s All Included!’ Dinner at the Old Spaghetti Factory

Linda Hoang - April 5, 2016
Old Spaghetti Factory Downtown - Edmonton - Italian Pasta

A couple of weeks ago, I went to the Old Spaghetti Factory downtown (at 10220 103 Street) for my friend Brandi’s birthday! I’ve only been to the Old Spaghetti factory a handful of times over the years, and always at West Edmonton Mall so I was looking forward to checking out the downtown spot, which is on the same lovely strip as Sabor/Urbano/Bodega. The Old Spaghetti Factory actually …

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Linda Hoang - March 27, 2016
LovePizza Edmonton - Pizza - Thin Crust - Downtown

There’s a new pizza joint in town and I love it! LOVEPIZZA (located at 10196 109 Street) specializes in flatbread/thin-crust style pizzas and opened late January downtown in the busy shopping centre at the intersection of Jasper and 109 Street. Inside LOVEPIZZA, it’s very slick, clean and modern – very black, white and bright. It’s got a similar concept to Urbano Pizza – where you head up to …

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Review: El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar

Linda Hoang - March 26, 2016
El Cortez Mexican Kitchen Tequila Bar Whyte Avenue Old Strathcona Edmonton

One of my favourite spots in Old Strathcona is El Cortez Mexican Kitchen + Tequila Bar (8230 Gateway Blvd). I describe El Cortez as one of the coolest restaurants in the city because of its amazing decor and wicked atmosphere. There’s awesome graffiti/street art, cool neon signs with funky life sayings, a basement that’s more like a dungeon, and music that makes you feel like you’re …

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Support the Cats of Edmonton Photo Book!

Linda Hoang - March 17, 2016
Cats of Edmonton

March through May is always a crazy time of year for me – at least for the last couple of years, since the Edmonton International Cat Festival was created! For those who don’t know, I started this festival in 2014 as a way to focus some of my energy and passion towards a good cause. The Edmonton International Cat Festival is a celebration of cats, …

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Recap + Giveaway: InTRAP Edmonton Escape Room

Linda Hoang - March 16, 2016
INTRAP Escape Room Edmonton - Escape

One of my all-time favourite things to do with friends is trying out Edmonton’s escape rooms. In the last two years, escape games have surged in popularity in our city. As of March 2016, there are at least 8 companies opened (with more in the works). You’d think that’s a lot but Mike and I recently tried an escape room in Vancouver and the owner there told us at …

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