Social Media Column: Edmonton Rush turn to social media for support

April 12, 2013

Chatting with Chris Hadfield – Canadian Space Agency Tweetup

April 12, 2013

Social Media Notes – Servus ‘Community Ripple’

April 12, 2013
Edmonton Sun Linda Hoang
Super cool name tags at the Chris Hadfield CSA Tweetup.
Servus Credit Union - Community Ripple online Facebook contest.

Social Media Notes

I realize this blog has fallen by the wayside in the last few weeks! I apologize. As each day passes and I don’t post up a new blog post (other than pasting about my Edmonton Sun column), the guilt grows. But the last few weeks have been very busy – mainly because on my free time I’ve been working to organize a Dishcrawl event (more on that in a blog post to come)! But now that the event is over and I’ve got most of my mornings/evenings back (until the next new thing I decide to do), I am re-devoting myself to blog posts starting with this inaugural ‘Social Media Notes.’

I came up with this idea to post short (or long, depending on what time I have or how much there is to say) posts about social media-related local or national news that I think is interesting and should be shared but I don’t necessarily have the space to share it say – in my weekly column. I haven’t decided yet if this will be posts made about individual items as I come across them or if it will end up being more of a round-up kind of thing (like my now defunct Clicks of the Day, which I still hope to bring back in some form – eventually (Clicks of the Week!)) but for this first one we’ll go individual.

I wanted to share about how Servus Credit Union is using social media in their latest initiative!

Servus Credit Union ‘Community Ripple’

Servus Credit Union - Community Ripple online Facebook contest.

Servus Credit Union – Community Ripple online Facebook contest.

Servus has launched an online contest called the ‘Community Ripple.’ Servus has $10,000 to give away and they want people on Facebook to nominate charities or non-profits in their community for a chance to win the money.

There are already a bunch of charities/non-profits across Alberta nominated – including several in the Edmonton area. The Community Ripple features an interactive map that shows Servus branches in red pins, community projects supported by Servus in green pins and user-nominated charities/non-profits in blue pins.(Neat to have the map but I think it’s easier to navigate if you just hit ‘View all ideas’ and search by location/etc).

Michael Dickinson with Servus says the Community Ripple is a “fun way for our social media community to tell us what is important to them and which projects we should consider funding.”

I think it’s awesome! Servus has always been about supporting community through sponsoring projects, events, etc., so taking that same mindset and giving it a Facebook/social spin is great to see.

Once a charity/non-profit has been nominated, people can vote for it. The closing date for votes is April 26. The Top 10 submissions (most votes) get reviewed by a judges’ panel.

First prize gets $5,000, second prize gets $3,000 and third prize gets $2,000 so three different charities/non-profits can benefit from this.

Winners will be announced next month!

Check out the ‘Community Ripple’ on Facebook.


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  1. I became totally disenchanted with Servus when they started churning a significant amount of money (to me) which I had left with them earning minimal interest. They then decided I should pay them for the use of my money every month. When I withdrew the money to put it somewhere more friendly they then dinged me an exorbitant amount to close the account. I will not deal with or support them. Total gougers.

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