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Linda Hoang - May 17, 2012

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Linda Hoang - May 17, 2012

Review: Vi’s for Pies

Linda Hoang - May 17, 2012

Vi's for Pies at 13408 Stony Plain Road.

On Wednesday Mike and I went to Vi’s for Pies at 13408 Stony Plain Road with our friends Logan and Brandy. I had been to Vi’s for Pies once several years ago with a friend but hadn’t blogged about it back then so I was itching to get back in order to post something. Mike, Logan and I also used to drive by the place every week on our way to indoor soccer so that contributed to the recent pie itch as well. :)

Inside Vi's for Pies.

We got to Vi’s for Pies around 7:30 p.m. It was pretty busy and as soon as we entered there was about six other people that came in immediately after us. That’s kind of where things started going downhill. We had to wait about 10 minutes to even be seated (even though there were free tables, we just waited because there was a sign that said ‘Please wait to be seated.’) There were only two people working in the dining area and they clearly were not prepared or experienced enough to deal with all the people, which quite honestly since I did grow up working at my parent’s restaurant, I do have firsthand experience dealing with busy restaurant crowds, and I would say this wasn’t even that busy a crowd. It was definitely manageable.

Chalkboard menu at Vi's for Pies.

The menus at Vi’s for Pies are written on chalkboard easels. The selection of food was decent and the price points were very affordable. They offer very homey, comfort kind of food. We all decided what we wanted to get pretty quickly but more service issues… it took another almost 20 minutes for our waitress to get our order and that’s after Logan had to go up to the counter and ask her whether or not we needed to order at the front or if she’d be coming by our table. And even after he asked this question and she said she would be coming to get the order, we still had to wait another 5 minutes before she finally showed up at our table to get the order. Huh. Priorities… please. I should also note that we also had to go and get our own cutlery because there wasn’t any on the table and when our waitress said she’d go to get us some, she started to serve other people pies instead. More service failure.

Spanakopita and salad at Vi's for Pies.

Brandy ordered the Spanakopita with a side garden salad ($11.75).

Spicy pork risotto at Vi's for Pies.

Logan ordered the Spicy pork risotto ($13.95).

Chicken pot pie at Vi's for Pies.

I ordered the Chicken pot pie with side garden salad ($12.50).

BBQ beef brisket with potato salad and mac and cheese at Vi's for Pies.

And Mike got their BBQ beef brisket with potato salad and mac and cheese ($14.50) special. The food wasn’t bad. I really enjoyed my chicken pot pie. Mike loved his beef brisket but thought the two side dishes were bland and in his words “mediocre” (I tried them both and also agree). Logan thought the risotto was alright, but he preferred risotto he’s homemade instead. And Brandy enjoyed her spanakopita but presentation-wise it felt lacklustre.

We all cleaned up our plates though (but perhaps that’s because we were so hungry given how long we had to wait) – and quickly moved onto the desserts. Normally I’m not a dessert person but obviously you can’t go to a place with “pie” in its name and not order pie/dessert.

Pies and cakes at Vi's for Pies.

Between the four of us we ordered the strawberry shortcake, german chocolate cake, chocolate cheesecake and chocolate almond coconut pie. The desserts were excellent. Sweet, rich, creamy. We all loved our individual dishes and everyone (except me, because I don’t like really chocolate) tried everyone else’s desserts and enjoyed those. I loved my strawberry shortcake! It was delicious and the presentation was fantastic. The cakes and pies hover around $7 each.

Overall Vi’s for Pies is a really cute place with solid comfort food at a good price but the service was just so awful and there was just so much waiting in between everything, that we likely won’t be back. We were just completely neglected. They need to hire more people to work or they need to train their current people to be better because that kind of service is really unacceptable and it completely ruins the whole experience.

So have you been to Vi’s for Pies? What did you think?


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  1. We love Vi’s for Pies and went recently after a long hiatus. The customer service has definitely gone downhill. It is always busy, especially on the weekends but we left without our dessert because our waiter never came back after we got our meals. I had the brisket with mac n cheese and beans. The beans were delish. The brisket was really fatty so I didn’t enjoy too much of it,

    The Chicken Salsa Chicken I think it is called, is really really good. I know I wanted to jump in a few times and just get people’s order taken or food out to them.

  2. Thanks for your comment Marissa! Yeah we wanted to jump in a few times to get people’s orders too!!!! ;) I will have to try the chicken salsa chicken if I ever do end up going back (but at this point I don’t plan to lol).

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