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Review + Giveaway: HelloFresh Meal Box Delivery Service

HelloFresh Canada Food Meal Box Delivery 1

Mike and I have tried some food delivery subscription services in past, but have never landed on anything we wanted to use long-term.

Either the delivery dates for our neighbourhood were too close to the weekend (so we’d be eating out during those days anyway and food would go to waste) or we’d get ingredients in the box and some ideas on what to make with them but we’d still need to head out and pick up other ingredients in order to make a meal – which deterred us.

Mostly it came down to convenience.

Some services we’ve tried – while the product is great – just wasn’t as convenient as we needed.

That is – until we tried HelloFresh!

HelloFresh Canada Food Meal Box Delivery 11
HelloFresh is a meal box delivery service!

HelloFresh is a weekly food/ingredient box delivery service that gives you exactly the ingredients you need in order to create a meal.

The meals are developed by their chefs and are meant to be healthy and delicious – using fresh, quality ingredients – they’re also quick and easy to make.

HelloFresh Canada Food Meal Box Delivery 8
All the ingredients we need for our Zesty Orange Beef Noodle dish!

After trying three HelloFresh recipes, I can say that this food box is all of the things it promises to be!

This is how it works:

  • Step 1: You sign up  and select what week you’d like to start deliveries and on what day you’d like the box to be delivered (Tuesdays or Wednesdays) 
  • Step 2: The week prior to the one you selected as your start date, you log-in and choose your preferences for which recipes you’d like to try. The recipes vary by week – so you’re going to have lots of opportunities to try making different kinds of dishes! Check out their recipes here.
  • Step 3: Receive your box and whip up your meals! 
HelloFresh Canada
Easy orderin’.

You can pause/skip meals anytime you want – it’s a flexible subscription service so if you know you’re not going to have a lot of time to cook for an upcoming week, or you’re going on vacation, you won’t need to pay for it! 

It’s also nice you can select your meal preferences, and also check with their customer service team if you have questions around allergies. My friend asked about whether the boxes were gluten-free and although I don’t see anywhere on the site that they are, each recipe lists allergens so in theory I think some meals can be, I’d just recommend asking. I’m hoping that down the road they’ll let people select recipes from their archive too – the weekly limitations are nice in that it will force you to try new things, but they’ve got some great past recipes I’d hope they recycle again and/or give people more options in choosing. 

The HelloFresh boxes and insulation are recyclable, and if you save the ice packs after a few weeks you can request they pick it up again to reuse, so there’s no worries on that front! 

HelloFresh Canada Food Meal Box Delivery 2
Roasted Pork Loin and Broccoli with Mashed Sweet Potatoes!

HelloFresh boxes are designed at minimum for 2 people.

I received a Pronto Box to try (normally $79.99). Each Pronto Box comes with enough ingredients for 3 meals for 2 people (or you can select for 4 people). It works out to about $13 a meal per person, which is certainly cheaper than most lunches and certainly most dinners I’m having when we eat out!

Mike and I made the Zesty Orange Beef Noodles, Roasted Pork Loin with Broccoli and Mashed Sweet Potatoes, and a Southwestern Chicken Sausage Chili.

I can’t say enough how quick and easy these dishes were to make. Also – how tasty the creations were!! Our house smelled amazing each night we cooked the meals and I can’t say enough how it took almost no time to prepare. 

HelloFresh Canada Food Meal Box Delivery 5
HelloFresh’s Southwestern Chicken Sausage Chili.

I’ve already signed up to start using HelloFresh – I’m that impressed with its quality and ease.

For someone like me, who loves to cook but prefers eating out because it’s so much more convenient (basically, I’m lazy!) HelloFresh solves that challenge. They give me everything I need – including the ideas and inspiration around what I should create.

I also like their focus on sustainability. Pre-portioned meals reduces food waste by 47%. Direct sourcing of ingredients reduces supply chain energy, water and labour wasted by up to 14%. And accelerated supply chains keeps food fresher. 

I absolutely recommend you try HelloFresh!

P.S. It’s worth noting that HelloFresh’s biggest competitor (I think) currently is a company called Chef’s Plate. I haven’t tried Chef’s Plate myself, but from what I understand, the concepts are pretty similar – though Chef’s Plate boxes are slightly cheaper. I can only speak for my experience with HelloFresh, so I’ll say I was really happy with my HelloFresh experience and I know you’ll be too. 

You can enter my blog giveaway below for a chance to win a free Pronto Box, or simply use my promo code LINDA50 for 50% off your first box. And please, tell me what you think!

HelloFresh Canada Food Meal Box Delivery 10
#HelloFreshPets are adorable too.


There are a few ways you can enter for a chance to win a HelloFresh Pronto Box (valued at $79.99) including: 

  • Leaving a comment on this blog post telling me why you’d like to try a food box delivery service. 
    • This is mandatory. You must leave a comment to qualify 
  • Tweet this message:
    • I want to live the #HelloFreshLife! Hope I win @lindork’s @HelloFreshCA food box giveaway.
    • You can tweet daily 
  • Follow me @lindork on Twitter
  • Follow @HelloFreshCA on Twitter
  • Like my Facebook Page Lindork – Linda Hoang 
  • Like HelloFresh on Facebook – HelloFresh
  • Visit me @lindork on Instagram

You must check off your different entry methods using the widget below: 

Note: this giveaway is open to anyone in Canada. 

Please note: comments are moderated so if yours doesn’t appear right away, that’s normal! 

I’ll select a winner when the giveaway closes on February 18, 2017.

Good luck!!  


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Disclaimer: I will always provide my 100% honest opinion on this blog. HelloFresh provided me a complimentary Pronto Box to try and review, and a Pronto Box to give away to readers. This has no impact on the opinions stated in this post. (I wouldn’t say I liked it if I didn’t!)

Linda Hoang is an Edmonton blogger who writes about food, travel, lifestyle/events and pets. She's also a social media/digital specialist with a journalism background. Linda is in love with her city and loves exploring and promoting Edmonton and other places she visits with her husband Mike. Linda is also the founder of the Edmonton International Cat Festival (and has 2 cats herself, along with 2 dogs).

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  • Nancy Mah

    Always like to try new foods

  • Nat

    This sounds wonderful! I would love to try it!

  • Danika

    It’s hard finding new ideas for dishes – we get stuck in a routine. This would be perfect for changing it up!

  • Danika

    p.s. the widget isn’t working properly! half of it is hidden so I can only click on the first two entries

    • Linda Hoang

      Thanks Danika! It should show all the various entry methods after you leave a comment and log into the Gleam widget. It’s working for me but let me know if you’re still have trouble!

  • Lily

    I’m super lazy and am trying to save money on going out so much. This would be perfect!

  • Belinda

    Would love to try a good box since I like to cook but find that i dont always have all the ingredients regularly in my pantry. The food good box gives you just the portion needed for the recipe and that way I dont waste by buying an ingredient I probably wouldn’t use again.

  • Karen Colwell

    This sounds exciting! It would certainly save the hassle of ensuring I have all of the ingredients I need to prepare a delicious dish.

  • angeegabs

    I would loooovvvveee to win a Hello Fresh box because I think it would be a great date night idea for me and my boyfriend! We’re always going out to eat and it would be fun to try making the food ourselves, with the guidance of the box!

  • supersu

    i HATE trying to ‘think’ of what to make
    having it all appear in one box would be MAGIC!

  • angeegabs

    Also, I can only see half of the widget so I can’t complete the last two Facebook tasks. :(

  • Paula D

    I love trying new things, but I’m a bit lazy as well. Eating out gets expensive, though, so this seems like a good alternative.

  • dennis K

    Figuring out what to make wit ingredients on hand is half the battle so would love to try this complete meal kit

  • Joy Mills (@Jemrah1)

    i love making my family healthy meals, but sometimes i have difficulty with ideas, as well as knowing how to combine fresh nutritious ingredients. This sounds like a fun service to try!

  • Glogirl

    I would love to try this meal box subscription service because it would save time by allowing my meals to be prepped already. No more wondering what to have for supper!

  • Carolina

    I would love to try this because it sounds so convenient and delicious πŸ˜‹

  • Yolanda Chang

    I’ve been meal planning for awhile now and it sure helps eat healthier! A meal box service would make it even easier.

  • Yolanda Chang

    Also the widget is broken for me too, it’s half hidden on both my phone and on my desktop when I use chrome and edge…

  • Lena

    How awesome would it be to have meals pre planned without having to try to decide while wondering the grocery store! My always hungry family would be grateful!

  • Carley

    This looks really fun! Saves time and still get to try somethi g new!

  • Andrea Womacks

    We eat out a lot as we can’t be bothered to cook. Would love to eat in more and save some money!

  • Nicole Jubleew

    With our hectic schedule sometimes I don’t have time to create a list and shop so an amazing delivery services that includes all the ingredients would be a lifesaver!

  • Pam

    I work until 6:30 each day and sometimes I am just too tired to cook or even think about menu planning.

  • Kay Ma

    Ohh Definitely have to try!

  • edmontonjb

    I would love to try this out because I am all out of meal time inspiration and I think this may be the solution


  • Natalie

    I want to try Hello Fresh partly because I’m busy and sometimes loathe going out in the winter to get groceries and partly because I like the idea of trying new meals all the time instead of the same dinners over and over again

  • Tina L.

    I would love to try new recipes and this also eliminates of having to come up wit ideas for dinner. It’s great that Hello Fresh comes will all the ingredients and in the quantity that we need. Too often what I buy is more than what is required for a recipe.

  • Ira

    I’d LOVE to get a break from the kitchen, but I won’t let myself do it if I’m not replacing it with something equally good.

  • buttagal (@buttagal)

    the box appears funny!

  • billiondollarprincesss

    I would love to try a new recipe and have a home cooked meal

  • Judy Cowan

    I am interested in trying because I find planning meals frustrating so this would take that stress off plus it would be one way to get my family to try different foods out.

  • Yuen C

    I want to try it because I like discovering new recipes and saves me time!

  • favgreen(Rhonda W G.)

    I think it would be fun and something unique to try. I enjoy cooking…

  • Lisa bolduc

    With a toddler and a newborn I don’t have time to cook and think of healthy meals….. this would be a life saver

  • Em Mahr

    I’d love to try this because my husband and I work 13 hour days and don’t often find time to make a good meal. This would eliminate the shopping and much of the prep work and pre-planning. It sounds perfect for us!

  • Nikki

    I’m interested in trying a meal delivery service because we eat out 4 times a week because we don’t have the time to go shopping and cook a meal. I think in the long run a meal delivery service would save us a lot of money we would have spent on eating out. Plus it would be fun to try out new recipies.

  • Linda

    I’d like to try a delivery meal box service because I am too busy to go shopping for groceries.

  • Krista Miller (@MillerKrazy)

    My daughter really enjoys trying all types of different foods & this meal box would be a wonderful tool to expose her to meals I wouldn’t normally think of making. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Amanda

    Having a food delivery service would be so convenient for me and boyfriend. He is currently now working almost 14 hour day and I myself also have a stressful job and am always on go. Finding time to sit and eat together definitely makes for great quality time! Thanks Linda!

  • R

    I can’t cook! I need this!!!

  • Ashley

    This seems like a great way to try new recipes and get out of a rut!

  • Helen

    Hoping this win will make me a better cook…and one less fail at suppertime.

  • Julia

    I would like to try this because I’m slowly starting to learn how to cook so this would be a great way for me to become more comfortable in the kitchen.

  • Carol M

    I love to cook like you but also lazy. This sounds like the perfect solution.

  • my villa

    it would be nice to not cook for awhile

  • Diane

    I am really bad at grocery shopping and having everything on hand to make a meal. A service like Hello Fresh would just take some of that stress away!

  • Jen L

    I would love to have fresh veggies at hand for a fair cost.

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