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September 8, 2015

#ExploreEdmonton: Staycation at the West Edmonton Mall World Water Park

September 8, 2015

Preview + Giveaway: Win Weekend Passes to the 2015 Edmonton Expo (Sept 25-27)

September 8, 2015
West Edmonton Mall - World Water Park - Edmonton - Water Slides
Edmonton Expo

The 4th annual Edmonton Expo returns at the end of the month – bigger and better than ever before!

I’m ashamed (bolding that for emphasis on how much shame) to say that I’ve never been to Edmonton’s Comic & Entertainment Expo. I like to think that generally I’m pretty geeky (hence the lindork nickname) and certainly I’m passionate about lots of popular culture topics and fandoms, but I’ve never been able to make it out to this annual expo. That changes this year!

Edmonton Expo

I am so excited to attend the 2015 event running September 25 – 27 at Northlands Expo Centre! Initially I was excited to just finally go for the very first time and take in all of the booths and buzz, cosplay and panels.


Edmonton Expo

Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) from Doctor Who will be at the 2015 Edmonton Expo! Photo supplied by Edmonton Expo.

Mike and I only recently became Doctor Who fans in the last two years. In a very short span of time, we watched all eight seasons of NuWho (The Doctor Who revival that began in 2005) and became obsessed with so many of the characters. While my all-time favourite companion + Doctor duo is still Rose and the Doctor, and even Amy grew on me as a companion for Matt Smith, Clara (played by Jenna Coleman) quickly became a favourite for both Mike and I. So smart, so sassy, so pretty!

Up until about the last week of August, my excitement for the Edmonton Expo was at pretty controllable levels – they had even announced Stan Lee was coming, which, seriously – the Stan Lee – that’s really cool but still – controllable levels of excitement. Then they announced Clara/Jenna Coleman – and that excitement level shot through the roof! We cannot wait to see her (we are going to purchase a Photo Op package if I’m unable to chat with her as media)!!

Edmonton Expo

Amy Acker (a.k.a. Dr. Claire Saunders/Whiskey) from Dollhouse at a previous Edmonton Expo! Photo supplied by Edmonton Expo.

There are going to be so many big names in pop culture/comic/geekery – Eliza Dushku is coming (that was a recent announcement! So exciting!) Along with members from Guardians of the Galaxy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Flash, Once Upon a Time, Orange is the New Black, and more! (Lots of blast from the past stars too – Power Rangers actors for example).

You can check out all the creator/voice actor/special guest list here!

There’s really something for everyone. It’s a totally all ages, family-friendly event. In fact, their mandate is to “provide a world-class gathering for fans of all ages to come together and celebrate what they’re geeky about in a safe, family-friendly, and welcoming environment.” From comics to superheroes, hit TV shows and sci-fi. There will be hundreds of vendors in the exhibition halls, tons of artists and creators in Artist Alley, panels and workshops, and of course the autograph and photo-op sessions. Just seeing people dressed up in various cosplay alone is fun (last year Mike went without me and saw a ton of great costumes!)

Edmonton Expo

The Edmonton Expo runs Sept. 25 – 27, 2015. Photo supplied by Edmonton Expo.

The closest to a ‘Con’ I’ve been to is the eek! Comic & Pop Culture in St. Albert, which was fun though much smaller scale. Attending the Edmonton Expo I feel like should be related closer to your big Comic Con type of shows in the States. It’s been one of my backburner goals the last couple of years to attend a Con where the cast of Doctor Who would be in attendance (particularly David Tennant) – so attending Edmonton Expo and seeing/meeting (hopefully) Jenna Coleman will be the closest thing to that! (Is my geekery slowly seeping out? I am so excited! Mike and I are trying to see if we have enough time to scrounge together a Doctor Who-themed cosplay outfits).

Edmonton Expo

So excited to take photos with cosplayers! We are Groot! Photo supplied by Edmonton Expo.

I’m excited to give away a pair of Weekend Passes (full access to the shows – all three days for two people – valued at $130) so you can bask in all the comic/pop culture/geeky glory too!

The 2015 Edmonton Expo runs:

  • Sep 25, 2015 – 3pm – 8pm
  • Sep 26, 2015 – 10am – 7pm
  • Sep 27, 2015 – 10am – 5pm




Enter my giveaway by leaving a comment in this blog, telling me who or what you are most excited to see/do at this year’s Edmonton Expo. This is mandatory in order to win. When you’ve done that, check it off through the Rafflecopter system below. You can also access additional entries as listed through Rafflecopter!

(If the widget below isn’t loading, follow this link to enter).

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Good luck and I hope to see you at the 2015 Edmonton Expo!


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  1. Great blog post Linda! It would be so much fun to attend the comic expo this year and see all the awesome cosplayers :)

  2. I love checking out Artists Alley! There are a lot of fantastic artists selling some really great pieces.

  3. Everything! I feel absolutely inspired when I go to comic expo! The brilliant costumes that some people spend over a year to make, the artists who get to showcase their work whether they are local or from out of town, and getting to listen to actors and artists talk about their careers and how they created the characters and works we all know and love. That and Cary Elwes is coming. Haha

  4. My Fandom is the Buffyverse! So excited to meet some of the Buffy guests this year! Would wait for days to meet James :p

  5. Oh Linda, how could the Queen of Geeks have not gone to the Expo yet!? At least you picked a Super year to go! Thanks for the wonderful chance at these tickets. I’m hoping for some more Superman artwork, and maybe a photo op with some Flash cast members!

  6. I’m an Expo virgin, too! I’ll be there this year – and hopefully I will get in free with this pass! 😉

  7. This has me so excited! I just gasped out loud upon reading that both Jenna Coleman and Brian O’Halloran will be here! Really looking forward to dressing my wife’s pregnant tummy in some form of geeky reference. Baby’s first pop culture reference! :D

  8. This would be a great treat for my man who is one of the biggest geeks I know! We have a whole floor in our home dedicated to Superman!

  9. It would be wonderful to be able to take my children to the expo. They always love dressing up as their favorite cartoon characters.

  10. The Expo is like Christmas for my daughter, and I know she is super excited to see Jessica Nigri since she loves cosplay. The thing I look forward to the most is seeing the pictures of all the patrons dressing up! The patron participation is really what makes the event great!

  11. Always love seeing everyone cosplay, definitely one of my favorite things and what I’m excited for! But then again, I am not sure I could be anymore excited about some of the Buffy and OUAT characters coming, ahhh!!

  12. Oh man I’m so excited to see Chloe Bennet from marvels shield! She is half Asian like me. Would be a dream to go to the expo.

  13. I am so excited to see Jenna Coleman! She is just so amazing in Doctor Who, it will be such a shame to see her leave! Just stay forever Jenna!!

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