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Popeyes Canada: Edmonton Expansion (Win a $50 Gift Card!)

Popeyes Canada - Alberta - Edmonton - Fried Chicken

Who doesn’t love fried chicken?

I’ve partnered with Popeyes Canada to help promote their latest Edmonton and area expansion, and spread some of that fried chicken love! The newest Popeyes, located at 5000 Emerald Drive in the Emerald Hills Shopping Centre Sherwood Park, is the third to open in the Edmonton area this year.

Popeyes Canada - Alberta - Edmonton - Fried Chicken
The new Popeyes at 5000 Emerald Drive in Sherwood Park.

It’s owned by Kyle and Eddie, the same master franchisers who run the other two locations (in south east Tamarack and north sideGriesbach), and it’s part of the same northern Alberta Popeyes expansion plan which will see:

  • At least four more stores open in Edmonton within this next year
  • A total of 20 spots in northern Alberta by 2024
  • And hundreds of new jobs created for Edmontonians / northern Albertans

I’ve always enjoyed Popeyes chicken.

Kyle says it’s not fast food, it’s good food served fast. I think that’s a great way to describe it.

My friend Taylor and I got to go into the kitchen at the new Sherwood Park location to see the Popeyes process – from battering to marinading (the chicken marinates for 12 hours), there’s a Popeyes science behind how they toss and tumble their chicken- which they get from Sunrise Farms just outside of Okotoks, Alberta.

Popeyes Canada - Alberta - Edmonton - Fried Chicken
Great chicken tenders.

Popeyes also open fries their chicken – which we’re told is different from how KFC and Mary Brown’s does it, and something that makes a big difference for flavour.

Popeyes Canada - Alberta - Edmonton - Fried Chicken
Great biscuits at Popeyes.

So far Edmonton (and area) have really given a great reception to Popeyes. Kyle says it’s been well above their expectations. (I told you, people love fried chicken).

This Sherwood Park location is the first to feature a drive-thru, but also has the smallest dining area. If this is your nearest spot, take-out is likely going to be quite popular here.

Watch for expansions to Ellerslie, west end and north west Edmonton this coming year and scroll down for a chance to win a $50 Popeyes gift card!

Popeyes Canada - Alberta - Edmonton - Fried Chicken
Enter to win a Popeyes feast! ($50 gift card)

After the holidays, no one *really* wants to cook, right? So don’t!

I’m excited Popeyes has given me a $50 gift card to give away! 

Here’s how to enter:

  • Leave a comment on this blog post telling me what you’d most like to eat at Popeyes (check out their menu here!Note: This is mandatory in order to qualify to win! 

For additional entries:

That’s it!

Congrats to Kyle and Eddie and the Popeyes team for another successful store opening, and good luck to those who enter for the gift card! Happy holidays!

Note: comments are moderated so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear right away! 


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Disclaimer: I will always provide my 100% honest opinion on this blog. I partnered with Popeyes to help promote their new Sherwood Park location, and run this giveaway. This does not impact the opinions stated in this post. I really do think Popeyes Chicken is tasty!

Linda Hoang is an Edmonton blogger who writes about food, travel, lifestyle/events and pets. She's also a social media/digital specialist with a journalism background. Linda is in love with her city and loves exploring and promoting Edmonton and other places she visits with her husband Mike. Linda is also the founder of the Edmonton International Cat Festival (and has 2 cats herself, along with 2 dogs).

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  • Jan

    Definitely the Tenders!!
    Although everything looks Super Yummy!! 😋

    • Charuni

      I WOULD LOOVVEE LOVVVE to try the chicken tender with those amazing Dips the have at popeyes. I heard its super juicy and really tasty. I would realllyyy love to try it :)

      • Charuni

        I WOULD ALSO LOVEEEE TO TRY THE CAJUN FRIES and the gravy annndddd the mashed potatoes and bigggg spicy Tighs! I would love to try EVERYTHING AT POPEYES cause popeyes is the best restaurant in the WORLLLD ! 😍😍😍

  • Mindy Grewal

    I wanna try that Mac and cheese! My kingdom for the perfect texture mac n cheese!
    Feed me Linda!

  • Aarushi Shah

    Thanks for the giveaway! I would love to try their Creole Chicken Sandwich :) Looks like a fun place to try. Thanks for the rec!

  • Maggie traynor

    Macaroni for sure! Honestly though, everything is good at Popeyes haha!

  • Erin Lewis

    I’d like to try the Cajun Chicken Sandwich!

  • Lauren Lambert

    I would try the loaded chicken wrap, or popcorn shrimp or bonafide chicken meal for my family!

  • Tim Mc

    I can’t wait to try the Handcrafted Tenders!

  • Olivia

    I want everything!!

  • Sonia

    Fried chicken is a given but the Mac and Chees and the biscuit also make me salivate!

  • Anita

    I have yet to try the Mac and Cheese – that’s why I would order!

  • Lee-Ann J

    I love it spicy – so the spicy chicken! And the cajun fish sandwich. =)

  • Amelia

    Must be a combo…chicken, biscuit and those Cajun fries that are straight from heaven

  • Alastair

    The biscuits are the bomb!

  • Brittany

    Their spicy fried chicken! I’ve started to acquire a taste for spicy foods…. Would love to try it!

  • Alastair

    The tenders are the bomb!

  • Trevor Boller

    All my Facebook friends know of my love for POPEYES!! I would love to repeat my order of 3 piece spicey chicken, Mac salad, fries, and them rolls. Mmmm. Don’t forget the dipping ranch sauce!!

  • Naomi

    The spicy chicken! No wait, the biscuits! No the mashed potatoes! Ah, who am I kidding? Just give me all the things! Can’t wait to try them all!

  • Lauren

    The spicy chicken!

  • Misty Lambert

    I would love to try the butterfly chicken omg it looks so yummy & crispy

  • Karena

    I’ve already had their chicken many times, so I’d love to try their sandwich &/or shrimp sometime!

  • Teila

    BISCUITS. Oh my word i could eat 100 if their biscuits

  • Alisa Petrisch

    I’d love to eat the 12 meal deal of an assortment of spicy and mild chicken, those biscuits sound so good too!
    Also the Deluxe Chicken Sandwich and those Handcrafted Chicken Tenders look Abd skubded so delicious. Oh the Mac and Cheese also, so many items to choose from, hard to pick favorites when they all are so appealing!

  • Lisa Hrabec

    I really want Popeye’s spicy chicken and cajun mash potatoe

  • Heather Gunn

    I really want to try both the chicken tenders and tbe deluxe chicken sandwhich! And those biscuits looks amazing too.

  • NJ

    Popeyes chicken tenders are our favorite. My husband get Spicy but I do mild. Love there fries too. Spiced just right

  • Karen

    Popeyes chicken is delicious! I would love to try it all!

  • Adam

    Love the tenders, I want to try all of the sauces! All of em!

  • Lynn Cysouw

    Cant wait to try the chicken tenders and biscuits!!

  • Adam A

    Love the tenders but want to try allll of the sauces!

  • Chris

    The shrimp sandwich! I love all things seafood!!! Looks soooooo good!

  • Shelly

    I can’t wait to have their (mild) Bonafide Chicken, (2) Hot Buttery Biscuits, Mashed Potatoes, Coleslaw, one (small) Corn on the Cob, and a (medium) Coke. I will finish off my meal with a (large) slice of Mississippi Mudcake. Someone will have to help me to my car as I dont think I will be able to walk by myself after eating this DELISH MEAL!

  • Kendal

    I’m pretty interested in trying the deluxe chicken sandwich, as well as the chicken tenders.

  • Dan Sheplawy

    Red Beans and Rice….. Had these in Florida and didn’t know we had a Popeye’s in Edmonton. And, best fried chicken I have had in a long time.

  • Shelly

    ON NO! Forgot the SAUCES! Will try them (all) for sure!

  • Kathy vu

    I’ve had the opportunity to enjoy their spicy and regular fried chicken, soooo good! Crispy and moist! But I’ve never had enough stomach room to actually try any of their sides! Which I was told is amazing :p so I’d love to try some biscuits and their fries and special gravy!

  • Dominic cloutier

    The biscuits are the ones!

  • Nancy Mah

    Spicy Bonafide Chicken

  • Ting

    Seafood, biscuits and extra spicy sauce

  • Gordon Gee

    spicy fried chicken

  • Jennifer Gee

    spicy chicken and shrimp

  • Sheralee Tumm

    I love their mac & cheese!

  • Chris Gee

    fried chicken

  • Krista

    Them bisquits!

  • Dana De Marchi

    I’ve taken my daughter here twice! It’s great!

  • Dana De Marchi

    My daughter and I have been twice and it’s great!

  • Shannon

    The biscuits!

    • Geraldine Ching

      Spicy chicken and biscuits!

  • Kim

    Cajun chicken sandwich! Yum!

  • Kristen Finlay

    I would LOVE to try the bonefide chicken! The shrimp looks awesome too!

  • Amanda Chen

    Definitely want to try the chicken tenders!!!

  • Christine Gold

    I would love to try the spicy fried chicken!

  • R

    Nothing beats the spicy chicken!

  • Leon

    I have been looking for this Popeyes but I can’t find it!!!

  • Katy

    I LOVE the hot chicken, but I want to try the hot shrimp 🍤!

  • Kristan

    I like the biscuits and the regular tenders

  • Debbie

    I would like to try the popcorn shrimp.

  • Spencer

    I love the biscuits and the spicy chicken!

  • Diane

    It’s all about the spicy fried chicken for me! Also… can you put in a word with Kyle and Eddie for opening up a Popeye’s on the South West side – ideally near my house?

  • Mikki

    I would order the spicy fried chicken.

  • Jenna Kostiuk

    I would love to try the biscuits :)

  • Cherry

    Their deep fried strawberry and cream cheese pie (not on the menu for some reason) IS SO GOOD

  • Jessica Cyr

    I have always loved Popeye’s and was so excited when they finally came to Alberta. I love that they have the same menu here too vs KFC where the menus are vastly different. $50 would buy me a lot of delicious chicken strips!!

  • Siobhan B

    Mmm I like chicken strips and a side of mashed potatoes!!

  • Nathan Wiebe

    Would love to have some Bonafide spicy chicken!

  • Yolanda

    I want to try the popcorn shrimp!

  • Chelsey

    I’d love to get the 16 piece bonafide meal to try out with my family I’ve always wanted to try Popeyes so excited it’s here!

  • Michelke Basarab

    I LOVE chicken fingers so I would love to try the homemade mild chicken tenders!

  • Kim

    Chicken tenders. I can go for those all day any day!!!

  • Rebecca

    Chicken tenders with sweet chili dip!!!

  • Allan

    Want to try the biscuits!

  • Tim

    Chicken tenders!

  • Donna

    I had a chicken combo in Florida and loved it. I would love to taste the smokey Beans and Rice, one more time. 😊

  • Susan

    I would always go for the Spicy Chicken Combos and Mac and cheese too!

  • Dee

    The man n’ cheese and the shrimp are so good!

  • Josh S

    I would really like to try the Cajun Chicken Sandwhich.

  • sandra

    its gotta be the butterfly shrimp!!!

  • Davita

    Love the spicy chicken tenders and mashed potatoes and gravy

  • Amelia

    I want to try the popcorn shrimp. Or the butterfly shrimp. Wait, I want to try everything!

  • John Xu

    Definitely the spicy fried chicken!!

  • Celiena

    I want to try the chicken tenders and mac and cheese :)

  • Shell

    Mac and cheese for dayssssss with even more biscuits

  • Paula D

    I’m all about the Bonafide Chicken – mild. Maybe a side of something, depending upon how I’m feeling that day.

  • Carol M

    The spicy fried chicken and biscuits.

  • Connie

    Cajun Chicken Sandwich

  • jay nelson

    My husband loves the chicken, I love the fish and the kids…they have not yet been. Thank you.

  • Jonnie

    I really want to try their deluxe chicken sandwich

  • Sarah

    Those biscuits look amazing but I’d also like to try the spicy chicken.

  • Jennifer Guan

    I want to try the bonafide mild chicken!!

  • Mark Wilbert

    Chicken Tenders…yum

  • Terra

    I’d love to try the mild chicken combo with Mac and Cheese!

  • Lynda

    Please feed my children, they are crazy about Popeye’s

  • Greg Leclaire

    The biscuits are the best!
    Wish they served the jambalaya.

  • Deborah Gautreau

    Butterfly shrimp! I used go go to Popeyes in Tucson AZ and I am thrilled to now have Popeyes here. I also love the spicy chicken. Hmmmm Good!

  • Leighton Engen

    I’ll take 15 biscuits and some spicy chicken please!

  • Jennie

    The fried chicken. Spicy all the way!

  • RYAN

    Still have not had the pleasure of trying but I am excited to take a few people I know ☺️☺️😎😎

  • Lisa Bourgeault

    The spicy fried chicken sounds amazing and the biscuits!

  • Manchi

    Love the biscuits

  • Manchi

    Love the biscuits, tenders, fries and service

  • Heidi Pawluk

    Love the popcorn shrimp Yummo!
    Thank you for the chance

  • brenda


  • brenda

    the fries are a must!!

  • Karen

    I would really like to try their mild bonafide chicken.

  • Kristin

    The tenders!

  • Teresa Kitchell

    Love their tenders!

  • Kristi

    Our favourite has always been the side dishes and the flakey biscuits. Hoping to try the shrimp next time!

  • Mark K

    Sign me up for some Cajun Chicken for sure. The sandwich looks good.

  • Lorraine

    Ahhh I love their chicken! My happy place

  • Raymond Cheung

    Chicken tenders are good, but I quite enjoy the popcorn chicken. Blackened Ranch dipping sauce ftw!

  • Ayvi Alcain

    Would want me some chicken tenders! :)

  • Ash

    The biscuits are heavenlyyyyy oh man so good.

  • Aysha

    The biscuits are heavenlyyyyy oh man so good. Cant wait to go back and order some more.

  • linda

    My favourites are the chicken tenders, fries & biscuts.

  • Kathleen

    They’re spicy chicken is my favoriteeeeee.

  • Jason Woods

    I want to try their freshly prepared Bonafide™ chicken, marinated in Popeyes spicy chicken marinade, then hand-battered and breaded in their uniquely Southern crispy coating. And, I would round it out with one of their Signature Sides and a hot buttery Biscuit (and gravy).

  • Tom

    Haven’t tried the biscuits yet and would really like to because my body needs more carbs in this season.

  • Irene C

    I would love to try their Cajun fish sandwhich! I didn’t even know they had seafood on the menu! I’ve only just had take out that other people have brought over from there and it has always been chicken!

  • Lydia

    CAJUN SPICED FRIES & regular fried chicken 🤤

  • JC

    The biscuits; a good buddy of mine has all sorts of nostalgia tied to them and got me on this mini carb-loaded train. Personally I’ve never tried the tenders but would love to!

  • Zahra P

    I would have the Chicken Tenders meal and probably an extra biscuit. It looks delicious!

  • Anika Wong

    Chicken tenders please! 😋 and anything else chicken related honestly

  • Eva Mitton-Urban

    Because I consulted the connaisseur of the household – Teen son said Cajun Poutine – and I agree

  • Nicholas Leung

    I want to try their spicy bonafide chicken and the cajun poutine.

  • Holly McJannet

    I would love to try their spicy shrimp 🔥😅

  • Hitomi Suzuta

    I love Popeyes and became a fan when I lived in the States. Some of the food items are a bit different in Canada with flavour. However, I always look forward to ordering the buttermilk type of buscuits and beans/rice which bring me back to my mother’s southern cooking.

  • Tanis

    Definitely want to try the spicy tenders and cajun poutine!

  • Patricia

    I am one of those ‘live to eat’ people and I have to have Popeye’s spicy Bonafide chicken and the cajun poutine. A Popeye’s in St. Albert would be a dream come true.

  • Terra

    Just moving to Edmonton this week and NEED spicy fried chicken!

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