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November 5, 2010

NAIT NewsWatch – Entertainment – Wine & Food Festival

November 5, 2010

My Baking Adventures: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

November 5, 2010
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My Baking Adventures: Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!

Last week was my “off” week for the show (NAIT NewsWatch) so I had time to finally delve into what will now be called My Baking Adventures!!

I don’t really like regular banana bread all that much but I LOVE chocolate chip banana bread! In fact, the only thing I buy at Starbucks, if I ever buy anything at Starbucks, is their chocolate chip banana bread! (So good).

After a Google search for Chocolate Chip Banana Bread recipes, I ended up using this one (mostly for the fact that I had purchased Hershey’s ChipIts at the store so I figured it would work well lol): Hershey’s Chipits Chocolate Chip Banana Bread.

I only had a few ingredient questions to tweet about (thank yous at the bottom of the post!) – primarily about whether a teeny bit of baking powder would REALLY make a difference. Apparently it does so I had to go to the corner store to pick some up. I did learn however that butter or margarine can replace shortening and also that applesauce can add to the moistness of the banana bread (but I forgot to add that, even though I had that in my fridge!)

Basically the banana bread turned … out … GREAT!!

It looked so good and it TASTED EVEN BETTER! I cut it up and bagged it and brought it to school the next day and everyone loved it. One girl in particular said it tasted like … “the chocolate chip banana bread from Starbucks” !!!!! That was the comment that made me happiest. ;)

Overall my first baking adventure was a big success!! :) Will blog future baking adventures. Do stay tuned :)

I would like to thank @FinishedbyFive, @alyricalsoul, @KEYLIMEclothing, @NikkideChamp, @renita_olson, @KatyPlesuk, @Jasmine09, @SaySandra, @mariam_di, and @kimharrold for comments and tips on Twitter during my baking adventure! :-)


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