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Giveaway: Popeyes Chicken Comes to Edmonton!

Popeyes Canada Louisiana Kitchen

Every so often I get asked, ‘what’s the trendy thing to eat these days in the city, what’s really popular?’ Last year I felt like the answer was ramen – there were so many ramen restaurants opening in Edmonton and pre-existing ramen places were getting a lot more attention too. 

This year? Fried chicken seems to be ‘it’ food. There’s been fried chicken dishes introduced in a lot of great restaurants over the years but this year, so many specifically-fried chicken-focused restaurants have been popping up left and right! 

From Korean Seoul Fried Chicken to Portuguese Nando’s Peri Peri Chicken, the new (and receiving rave reviews) Northern Chicken on 124 Street, and now Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, it seems like Edmontonians are really embracing that crispy, clucky classic comfort food. 

Popeyes Canada Louisiana Kitchen
Popeyes Edmonton at 17 Street and 37 Avenue in Tamarack.

Mike and I were invited to visit Edmonton’s first Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen over the weekend! 

Have you ever watched that silly Adam Sandler movie Little Nicky? 

There’s this scene Mike was reminded of as we sat down to eat our chicken, when Nicky is trying food for the first time and it happens to be chicken from Popeyes. “Popeyes chicken is f*cking awesome,” he says. 

We’d agree!

Popeyes Canada Louisiana Kitchen
Inside Edmonton’s first Popeyes located at 17 Street and 37 Avenue in Tamarack (southeast)!

Popeyes is a fast food chain that started in New Orleans, Louisiana 40 years ago and today has 2,000 locations around the world. 

This Tamarack location is their first in Edmonton (and Alberta!), and franchise owners Eddie and Kyle say there will be at least three more opening in the next year – including one in the north side, one in the south side (Calgary Trail) and one on the west end. With many more to come after that (I saw a tweet saying all the stores will create 700 new jobs in the city! Fantastic). 

Popeyes specializes in Southern, Louisiana-style chicken which you can get in mild or spicy flavours.

Popeyes Canada Louisiana Kitchen
Chicken tenders, chicken sandwich, mac and cheese, Cajun poutine, Cajun mashed potatoes and a Mardi Gras cheesecake from Popeyes Edmonton!

We ordered a variety of items to really try a range of what Popeyes has to offer including the spicy chicken tenders, Cajun chicken sandwich, Cajun poutine, mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy, Mac & Cheese, Bonafide mild chicken, and Mardi Gras cheesecake!

Popeyes Canada Louisiana Kitchen
Handbattered and breaded spicy chicken tenders.

Mike and I really enjoyed everything we tasted. I’ve had some pretty chintzy chicken tenders in my day, so that’s not how I’d describe Popeyes’ at all. Big cuts, very crispy, and the spice is a nice touch. 

My favourite dish from Popeyes was the tenders and mashed potatoes with Cajun gravy. The buttermilk biscuit that comes with the tenders was also great. Mike really enjoyed his Cajun poutine and was obsessed with the Mardi Gras cheesecake.

Popeyes Canada Louisiana Kitchen
Buttermilk biscuit from Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

This location of Popeyes is a bit far a drive for us, but once they open the South Park (Calgary Trail) one, and the west end (tentatively Westmount) location, I could see us making more frequent stops to Popeyes for some quick, Louisiana-style fried chicken!

Popeyes Canada Louisiana Kitchen
Great to meet Popeyes Edmonton franchise owners Eddie and Kyle!

Congratulations to franchise owners Eddie and Kyle on the opening of the city’s first Popeyes (and on the upcoming locations!)

It makes a nice addition to all the other fried chicken options in our great city. 

I know chain restaurants often get bad raps but honestly, there’s a lot of great aspects to them (and also, let’s not be snobby, okay?) Here’s a  good read from the Washington Post, with some great points about chains! 

Now enter below to win a gift card so you can try Popeyes’ chicken.


Popeyes Canada Louisiana Kitchen
Chicken sandwich from Popeyes Louisiana KItchen.

I’m giving away a $50 gift card to Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen!(It’s actually five $10 gift cards but I’m grouping them together lol)

There are a few ways you can enter including: 

  • Leaving a comment on this blog post telling me which menu items you’d most like to try from Popeyes.
    • This is mandatory. You must leave a comment to qualify 
  • Tweet this message:
    • Welcome to Edmonton @PopeyesCA! Can’t wait to try you. Hope I win @lindork’s #yegfood giveaway! #yeg 
    • You can tweet daily 
  • Follow me @lindork on Twitter
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You must check off your different entry methods using the widget below: 

Please note: your comment may not appear right away as comments are moderated. 

I’ll select a winner when the giveaway closes on November 27, 2016.

Good luck!!  


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Disclaimer: I will always provide my 100% honest opinion on this blog. Popeyes Canada  partnered with me to promote their new store launch and run a giveaway for readers. This does not affect the opinions stated in this post. (I wouldn’t say I liked it if it didn’t!)

Linda Hoang is an Edmonton blogger who writes about food, travel, lifestyle/events and pets. She's also a social media/digital specialist with a journalism background. Linda is in love with her city and loves exploring and promoting Edmonton and other places she visits with her husband Mike. Linda is also the founder of the Edmonton International Cat Festival (and has 2 cats herself, along with 2 dogs).

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  • Craig Lee

    My favourites are the spicy chicken, the red rice and beans, and the banana pudding. When living in Alabama, I would go once a week for the Popeye’s buffet. Delish!

  • Nancy

    Would like to try the bold and spicy popeyes chicken

  • edmontonjb

    I am actually most excited to try their gravy. I’m always looking for a great gravy because it makes everything taste better. I was planning to wait for a closer location to open (I live in Spruce Grove) but that mardi gras cheesecake looks good enough to make the drive for.


  • Lily

    Coming from Ontario, I was so sad to find no Popeye’s here. I’m in love with their mashed potatoes – but would love to try that cheesecake!!

  • Chris

    Thanks for your insight and review on this restaurant. I’m really excited to try it and yours was the first worth while review I have found. Thanks for the great work!

  • Stuart Taylor

    I’ve only been to Popeye’s once in the Houston airport, so I’m excited to have the chicken tenders again.

  • Frank Wong

    I would love to try the spicy chicken tenders.

  • Ephraim

    The spicy chicken tenders look so crispy! Just the way I like my chicken!

  • Roy

    I’d like to try their chicken tenders and buttermilk biscuits

  • Paul

    Would like to try: everything!

  • Mandy

    I’d love to try that chicken sandwich!

  • Dominic cloutier

    Their biscuits are the best!

  • Simon Turner

    Buttermilk biscuit and Chicken Sandwich!!!!!!!

  • acenasir

    Would love to try it :)

  • Sayyad Bacchus (@sayyadbacchus)

    That chicken sandwich looks amazing! Definitely want that!

  • Lisa T.

    Yummo! Would love to try the chicken and biscuits! Thanks:)

  • Hilda Mah

    Buttermilk biscuit is what I’d like to try!

  • Laura

    Chicken tenders!

  • Andre Jackson

    Want: (everything)
    Biscuits, chicken pieces and tenders, fries, and butterfly shrinp


    I would love to try the chicken and the hush puppy shrimp.

  • Alaina Sargent

    Would love to try everything on the menu. The chicken, chicken tenders, biscuits, butterfly shrimp and the cajun fish sandwich

  • Stephen Shim (@skshim)

    I want to try the spicy chicken tenders ^_^

  • Laina Sargent

    Love to try everything. Biscuits, chicken, chicken tenders, butterfly shrimp and cajun fish sandwich…yummy!!! πŸ—πŸ€πŸŸπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜πŸ˜„

  • Rez

    Buttermilk biscuits all the way! And butterfly shrimp, yum

  • Marlo DeVouge

    Really want to try that buttermilk biscuit, and of course the chicken tenders.

  • Carley Graham

    Can’t wait to try the spicy chicken!

  • Marlo

    The widget isn’t working to show all my entries, but I tweeted here

  • Natalia

    Would that to try the chicken tenders and the cheesecake, of course! Really everything look delicious.

  • Tom Sedens

    The spicy chicken and the biscuits would be first on my list. Not enough good biscuits up here!

  • Amy Heffernan

    I would love to try the Chicken sandwich! Thanks!

  • Roselyn Gray

    Bold and spicy fried chicken, of course!

  • Tracy Kinch

    I can not wait to try those biscuits everyone raves about

  • parkallenhomekitchen

    Chicken Sandwich, hands down.

  • Leighton Engen

    The Cajun Chicken sandwich looks sooo good!

  • Nathan Bee

    The biscuits of course!

  • rev recluse (@revRecluse)

    I loved Popeye’s when I was still in the US but haven’t had any since coming up here to live. Their Fried Chicken is awesome, but I can’t wait to have the red beans and rice again!

  • Lisa

    I can’t wait to try the biscuits, mm!!

  • sam

    The chicken tenders look delicious!

  • Megan

    Loved Popeyes in Florida! Can’t wait to try the Cajun poutine!!!!!

  • Jamie

    I would like to try the chicken and fish.

  • Amy L

    I want to try their buttermilk biscuits and cajun poutine. Yes, I’m a carbaholic.

  • Amy L

    The contest box doesn’t seem to be working. I clicked follow and I’m following but it doesn’t register the entry. Also, I can’t scroll down to like facebook pages (some of which I already do – the Popeyes ones).

  • M Kitagawa

    Bold and spicy – my American friends recommend it!

  • Jess C.

    Those chicken tenders look so good!

  • Jamie Hanlon

    When it comes to fried chicken, I am shameless. Thanks, Linda! Been looking forward to the opening for a while now. Will have to make the journey soon now that I know they are open!
    LOVE that chicken from Popeye’s! :)

  • Manny G

    Spicy chicken. I had it in Toronto and Seattle. Mmmmm. Can’t wait for it to open near me.

  • Jamie Hanlon

    Ahh… and guess I forgot to add – gotta be the Bonafide chicken I am after! :)

  • Andrew

    Congrats Kyle!

  • Yolanda Chang

    Love spicy chicken! I’ve heard Popeyes is great, so glad one is opening in YEG!

  • Jerry

    I want to try the biscuits!

  • Jennifer Shirtliff

    I want to try the butterfly shrimp and the Mississippi Mud Pie 😊😊😊 I really enjoyed the chicken, gravy, fish and of course the biscuits. Mmmmm I could likely eat $50 worth of the biscuits and gravy. So glad I found your FB page!

  • Amanda

    Spicy chicken tenders, yum!

  • Amy

    I really want to try the mashed potatoes and the spicy chicken!!

  • Maritess

    The first thing to try is heir bold and spicy chicken and try each side every visit after.

  • Gloria

    Definitely the spicy chicken tenders, Cajun Poutine, and red beans and rice as a side!!!

  • Joan Chan

    Spicy chicken tenders

  • Kaitlyn

    I’m all about the spicy chicken tenders- it makes my inner kid happy!

  • Violet P

    The buttermilk biscuits and tenders sounds yummy!

  • Elizabeth Wilkie

    I love spicy chicken, so would be all over the spicy chicken tenders.

  • Linda Ho

    I wasn’t planning on heading out to Popeyes, but your pictures have made me uber hungry. That sandwich looks soooo good!!

  • Crystee Beaumont

    I would definitely love to try anything on the menu… any chicken and the cheesecake, of course! :) Hope to win the gift cards!

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