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Giveaway: Escape Europa Colony 4836 at GTFO

GTFO Escape Room Edmonton - Europa Colony 4836 - Downtown Explore

Whenever anyone asks me what Edmonton escape room they should try, the two companies I’m always recommending are Escape City and GTFO.

Their rooms have quality storylines, set production, and puzzle variety (and complexity).

You can’t go wrong at either, which is why I’m always excited when they come out with a new room, which is the topic of today’s blog post and giveaway! 

Europa Colony 4836 – Player vs. Player Escape Room

GTFO recently launched their new room Europa Colony 4836, a player vs. player room that pits two teams against each other in a race to get to the only escape pod remaining on a colonized moon of Jupiter after an unexpected meteor strike cripples the base. Fun, right? 

This is the first player vs. player escape room I’ve ever played. There have been rooms I’ve played where your group is split into two sections, but generally you’re trying to work together to solve the puzzles and get out of the room.

GTFO’s Europa Colony 4836 adds a layer of competitiveness, where you go in split off into two teams and each team tries to solve their puzzles quickest in order to escape, and under 45 minutes. 

My friends at GTFO invited Mike and I to try Europa Colony 4836 with our friends this weekend, and I’m happy to say that my team (comprised of Mike, myself, and our escape-room-loving-friend Brittney) finished the room in near-record time (19 minutes!!!)

GTFO Escape Room Edmonton - Europa Colony 4836 - Downtown Explore
The winning team made it out in 17 minutes (but there was FOUR of them!) So in theory, we did better with our 19 minutes with THREE people, right?

The suggested minimum number of players for this room is 4 (so you’d be split into a 2v2 match), which I think would be ideal for wanting most difficulty out of the room. We were at 3v3 and I did find that made the room move a little easier (it also likely helped that Mike, Brittney and I have collectively probably played over 60 escape rooms lol). Our opposing team who had less than a handful of escape room experience between them found the room challenging, so 3v3 is probably challenging enough, just depends on the escape room experience make-up of your team.  

Overall we really enjoyed Europa Colony 4836 (though it’s not my favourite at GTFO—Nightfall is my absolute favourite room there!) I think the player vs. player aspect is unique in Edmonton (at least, at the time of writing this blog post) and I did love how knowing we were competing against another team/our friends drove us to move even quicker than we maybe would have if we hadn’t been pitted against one another. They have an area in the room that shows you the progress your opposing team is making, which really pushes you to work even harder. 

There’s also a “New Game+” aspect to Europa Colony 4836, where if you do finish the game a little early and have time remaining in your 45 minutes, there’s a bonus challenge your entire team can work together to solve! 

Although we made it out of the main game in 19 minutes, we were not successful with figuring out the bonus challenge. It’s definitely a better one if you’re good at riddles (which none of us were…) but the extra game after the game was a really nice addition (especially if you do end up finishing early). 

So that sums up my latest escape room experience at my beloved GTFO!

Now I’m excited to give away a free game of Europa Colony 4836 to up to 6 people.

Enter below! 

GTFO Escape Room Edmonton - Europa Colony 4836 - Downtown Explore 2
Our team did great at Europa Colony 4836! Our opposing team, not so much lol.


Enter to win a free game of Europa Colony 4836 for up to 6 people (valued at $150). 

There are a few ways you can enter, but leaving a comment on this blog post is mandatory: 

  • Leave a comment on this blog post telling me why you like escape rooms! (this is a mandatory entry)

Get additional entries on my social media (it might take me a moment after I post this blog, to post on social, so if you don’t see the social media posts, please check back momentarily): 

I’ll pick a winner by April 2, 2018!

Note: Comments are moderated so don’t worry if your comment doesn’t appear right away! 

** UPDATE ** Congrats to Donna E., the winner of a game for 6 to try GTFO’s new Europa Colony escape room! 

Thanks to GTFO for inviting me down to try their new Europa Colony 4836 and for giving me passes to giveaway to readers/followers! 


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Disclaimer: GTFO invited me to try their new room (so the game was complimentary). This does not impact the opinions stated in this blog. I love escape rooms and I love GTFO’s rooms! 

Linda Hoang is a Canadian blogger based in Edmonton, Alberta, who writes about food, travel, lifestyle and pets. She's also a social media/digital specialist with a journalism background. Linda loves exploring the world with her husband Mike, eating their way through cities and photographing Instagrammable Walls. She is the founder of the Edmonton International Cat Festival and a fur-mom to two cats and two dogs.

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  • Sarah

    I love escape rooms because they are a fun group activity!

  • Trina

    Escape rooms are a great way to entertain our niece and nephews.

  • Sheralee Tumm

    I love to do escape rooms with friends, you find out what each other’s strengths are.

  • Naneki

    I’m glad this type of gameplay has finally arrived!

  • Anika Wong

    I love escape rooms because they force you to think about things differently while cooperating with friends! Everybody brings such a different perspective to the table and solving puzzles and getting competitive together is so much fun! Actually escaping the room is the best feeling.

  • Sharon Nam

    I love escape rooms because they bring out the crazy competitive side of even my most calm and collected friends

  • Kay

    Only ever done one escape room but had so much fun. I love it cause it’s such a stress relieving thing you can do with your friends!

  • Laura Petterson

    Escape rooms are a good challenge! Fun! But keep the brain thinking different way!

  • Mindy Grewal

    I did one escape room way back when they started and never went again because it was a poor experience but this sounds awwwesome! Heck, I’ll probably just go and check it out anyways!

  • Michelle Chiang

    I love escape rooms Becuase they’re a great way to bond with friends and find out what people are like under pressure!

  • Ronalea McRae

    I’ve never been to a escape room but this looks like so much fun.

  • Aoife

    I love doing escape rooms with my friends because they are so fun and challenging, and it’s the best feeling when you actually escape.

  • Jody Spencer

    I think the reason I love them so much is because it momentarily makes you feel like a spy or detective 🤣 Puts me right in all the books I like to read!

  • Erin

    Love escape rooms! I love a challenge and being able to solve riddles and clues is so fun! We finally escaped one not long ago!

  • Melissa A.

    … escape rooms are LIFE! Seriously though, escape rooms are the perfect way to challenge your brain mentally through a diverse array of puzzles! Plus, you can choose your super team comprised of your awesome friends!

  • Michelle

    Escape rooms are one of my favourite things to do with friends. The more difficult , the better 😈😈

  • Joshua Luong

    Escape rooms are the best. My friends and I Love the challenge and this new room will really bring out our competitive side!

  • Dawn

    I love taking my kids to escape rooms! It’s the new version of board games for us!

  • EeWei

    Escape rooms are the perfect experience for friends and coworkers. Personally , my husband and myself are addicted to escape rooms. Though more so him. Than me! 😆

  • Megan Wilson

    We just did our first escape room last night and it was SO FUN! I can’t wait to try again. We weren’t successful in escaping because we mussed the last hint that told us to cheat and tried to win with honesty lol.

  • Debbie

    We’ve not yet tried an escape room but think it would be great fun for a family afternoon.

  • Krystal

    Escape rooms are so fun! Great way to spend time with family and friends.

  • Allan

    I like escape rooms because they’re fun to play with friends

  • Cyndee Herzog

    Tried one last year with some friends and it was a blast, look forward to trying more!

  • Sylvia

    Seems like a good opportunity to do some team bonding 👍👍

  • Yolanda Chang

    I LOVE escape rooms! I’ve done them for my birthday several times and I always have a blast. I’m a huge puzzle junkie, so they are one of my favorite group activities. I’ve done Nightfall and Visiting Hour at GTFO and both were so much fun, I’d love to try this new one!

  • Nelia Genoud

    I like escape rooms because it challenges you to think outside the box

  • Davita

    I love escape rooms because they are a great way to challenge yourself and also to see if you can get along with your friends/boyfriend under pressure haha

  • Danika

    My favourite part is solving a puzzle and causing something cool to happen next :)

  • Mariel

    Love Escape Rooms because they show your friends strengths and creativity in a new setting. Such a fun way to spend time together!

  • Miranda

    I love escape rooms as an activity with friends or family – so fun to see how we can solve puzzles together

  • Brenden

    I love the social aspect, immersion, and solving the puzzle!

  • Bonnie

    I love the challenge and problem solving with friends !

  • Brittany

    Love escape rooms because they get the adrenaline pumping!

  • Donna

    Escape games make you think harder but different than real life. And it feels great when you succeed.

  • Nathan

    I love puzzles and they are the ultimate puzzle/problem solver! Escape rooms are the best!

  • Sarah Fung

    I love them because you can learn a lot about what your friends are like under pressure LOL

  • Ashley

    I love doing a challenging room with my smartest friends 🤓 It’s such a rewarding and unique experience!

  • Mark

    I enjoy escape room because they put you out of your comfort zone and often make you think outside the box. Great prize.

  • Amanda Chen

    Escape rooms are so much fun and you really get to know your friends on a different level!

  • Joanne Ngo

    I like being competitive and solving puzzles!

  • Lisa

    I love solving puzzles with friends and family! Always so exciting!

  • Jonnie

    I have actually never tried an escape room. My 18 year old son goes quite often with his friends and they always have a blast so I’d like to try one out. I’ve always been a puzzle fan so I think that would help me succeed.

  • Quentin

    I never tried a escape room as I’ve been always reluctant if I would enjoy it or not. I’m hoping an opportunity like this one will let me decide for myself!

  • Vivian

    I like that it’s a fun and exciting outing with friends! Thanks for the giveaway

  • Mui

    I love escape rooms because they challenge your brain to think outside the box, and we need to do that all the time! Plus they are super fun!

  • Alicia

    For ages, I wanted to try escape rooms!! But I never got around to it!!

  • Brett

    I love the time pressure of solving puzzles and challenges with a group of friends!

  • Jennifer G

    Escape rooms are challenging! And I love figuring out the challenges and questions! It’s super fun!

  • Shayna

    I’ve never done an escape room but I’d love to try!

  • KH

    Would love to bring my team to this for some team building event!

  • Patrick Leonard

    This looks awesome – thanks for sharing!

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  • I just love the @brownbuttercafe! 💛💛💛 Pictured 📸 is their Sunny Day bowl with runny egg (🙌🏻), potato, kale, tomatoes avocado, cucumbers and yogurt. My favourite bowl here though is the Crispy Chicken on rice. 🤤 And today I also tried their housemade kettle chips and bacon jalapeño “mak & cheese” which were both soooo good (and so affordable at $2 and $2.75 each). THE BEST!
Also the best? You guys, for your very kind and supportive comments about my Big. Life. Update on the previous post. THANK YOU! 💛💛💛
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As some of you know, I’ve been on a personal leave from my work as a Digital Strategist at marketing & comms agency @calderbateman @zgm_marketing since January as @mikethyking & I explored whether some time off would help our #UnexplainedInfertility & journey to have a baby. 👶🏻 (It hasn’t. 😞 But we are still hopeful 🤞🏻)
My leave ends this month and I’ve decided I will not be returning to the agency, and will instead go full-time with my blog & personal social media + my own freelance social media strategy & consulting business! 🎉
Going out on my own is something I’ve wanted to do for many, many years. It’s something I thought I would do naturally after taking a maternity leave but that timeline kept getting pushed because I’ve never been able to get pregnant. The leave was just what I needed to reassess and make the decision to finally be my own boss!
I’m so grateful for the time I was able to take off from full-time agency work (though I am aware I was still pretty busy with personal projects 😅 lol). I’m also truly grateful for an employer that was kind & understanding enough to give me personal time off. 💗 I’ll miss working with the talented team, but am so excited for this next step in my life! 🙌🏻
Over the next few months I’ll be updating my blog with a new look & feel + better categorization, putting out (hopefully lol) even better & more useful content for followers & readers, getting some presence up for my new business & throwing myself into organizing @yegcatfest! 😸
I’m also taking new social media strategy, consulting & training clients and am so grateful for all who have been referring clients my way already (unsolicited, which I’m pretty excited about now that I am soliciting lol). 🎉
Thanks to my incredibly supportive husband & best friend @mikethyking. 💗 And thanks to all of YOU for following and engaging with me. 🙏🏻 I feel so lucky & happy that I’ve been able to turn my longtime hobby (social media 🤓) into a career, in such different ways, and now based at home with my furkids 🐶🐶🐱🐱 Read my full update at the link in my bio!
📸 credit: @sethmvc
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  • Ugh. I LOVE Korean food and this was a good one. 😍 In between #JasperPJParty & mountain adventures, we checked out the Kimchi House in the town of Jasper this weekend. This japchae glass noodle dish with beef was delicious! Along with their bulgogi and army stew (budae jjigae). (The stew broth was so good and extra spicy. But why is there never enough broth? lol) I was sad the Kimchi House didn’t serve banchan (side dishes typically provided with a Korean meal) but was happy with the rest of the meal! 🤤 #lindorktravels
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  • A weekend in the mountains 🏔 is not complete without a mountain photoshoot! 😊📸 Thanks to the @fairmontJPL for inviting me to teach some Instagram / phone photography & editing workshops for #JasperPJParty!! 💕 Thanks to everyone who came to my sessions!! 🙏🏻 Thanks to @britl for being my session helper & mountain photog!! 📸 And thanks to @theporkgirl for lending me her hat!! 😍 I have been itching for a mountain road photo for a long time so am happy to check this off my list! ✔️✔️✔️ (We were very safe about it!) #lindorktravels #fairmontJPL #myjasper
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  • Ahhh it was two years ago this weekend that I got a photo at this iconic Instagrammable #PaulSmithPinkWall 💕 in Los Angeles, California and shortly after I started making Instagrammable Wall Guides to cities, organizing wall photo walks, and searching for these walls wherever I travel. 😍💗 This is still one of my favourite walls and I wish more buildings were painted bright, uninterrupted colours like this it makes me immensely happy. 💕 #InstagrammableWalls #Instagrammable #IGwallsofLA #lindorktravels
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  • ** UPDATE! **
Congratulations to @thefuramigoss & Sarah L on Facebook, winners of tickets to the Edmonton Hime + Garden Show! Thanks everyone who entered!!
The Edmonton Home 🏡 + Garden 🌸 Show returns March 21-24 and I’m giving away tickets to the show! 🎉 There’s lots of awesome features to check out including Cooking Stage demos from local chefs and  @masterchefonfox Season 7 winner @chefshaunoneale! This week I made one of his recipes, delicious lemon zesty blueberry cream cheese danishes (pictured here 💕) and I look forward to seeing what he cooks up at @yeghomeshows! Head over to the link in my bio to see what other features you should visit at #EHGS19 and enter below for a chance to win tickets to the show! 🎉
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  • I always feel SO lucky that I get to meet the coolest cats on the Internet (and their pawrents) through the work I do with @yegcatfest! 😸 This summer, #YEGCatFest is bringing @sukiicat and her pawrent @enchanted.forest to Edmonton to meet festival attendees!!! 😻😻😻 Suki the Adventure Cat is a gorgeous bengal cat who loves adventure! 🏔🛶 Suki is definitely one of my favourite travel Instagrammers 😹, I’m one of her 1.3 MILLION Instagram followers!! 💕 And perhaps the coolest thing about Suki? She lives in Alberta!!! 🇨🇦🙌🏻 Head to the link in my bio or Story to learn more about Suki and be sure to pre-purrchase your Cat Fest tickets! Meet & greets are included with your festival ticket. ♥️ Thanks to @fairmontmac our Celebpurrty Cat Hotel Sponsor!!
Photo Credit 📸: @enchanted.forest @sukiicat
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  • Thanks @imedia_yeg for having me back as an emcee (with @tylerjackbutler) and speaker over the weekend! ☺️ I’m always up to talk anyone’s ear off about social media & influencer marketing. 💕🤓 And always love learning from talented digital marketers! 🙌🏻 Stay tuned now for a @dontcallmeaguru #iMEDIA19 recap podcast with the special return of Tyler, pictured here looking like a gangsta! 🎙
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  • Made ginger sesame ground beef with green beans and a runny egg on rice for lunch on this very slow-moving Sunday. 🤤💕 #lindorkcooks
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  • 💛 Happy International Women’s Day! 💛 Today and every day, let’s #BalanceForBetter. Challenge gender stereotypes and bias. Insist on gender parity. Celebrate women’s achievements. Lift each other up. 💛 If you’re looking for a specific way to celebrate #IWD2019 today, consider supporting one of many women-owned or co-owned @edmontonmade businesses! 🙌🏻 NEW ON THE BLOG (link in bio), I’ve started a Guide to Women-Owned Businesses in Edmonton & Area!! There’s SO many wonderful businesses in a range of industries being led by women. Thanks to my friend (also a woman lol)  @argenplath for helping me compile this initial directory, which includes over 70 businesses!! 🎉🎉 Do check it out and I *know* I’m missing many more great ones so please comment and let me know who else should be highlighting and I’ll keep adding to the list! ☺️💛 #InternationalWomensDay2019
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  • So thrilled to have found @banhcuonyeg through Instagram! 🤤 Bánh cuốn is a delicious Vietnamese steamed rice roll filled with ground pork, mushrooms and shallots. It’s one of my dad’s favourite Vietnamese dishes and something I used to eat a lot with him! When I found out the Khau family was offering made-to-order, fresh bánh cuốn for pick-up in North Edmonton, I *had* to try! 😄 They’re so good! And bring back great memories. 😍 @banhcuonyeg is charging $6 for a dozen rolls (one order). This week I got four orders and have been having some for breakfast, lunch and dinner! 😂🤤 My parents were so happy with the flavour and quality of the rolls (they hold up really well!) that they got the Khau phone number to make their own future orders (they’re not on Instagram lol) 💕 Also it’s always wise to have a bánh cuốn maker on speed dial lol. The rolls are best with Vietnamese ham (cha) but you need to get that separately.
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