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October 31, 2012

Review: Rice Paper

October 31, 2012

Fitness: Trying out Ripple Effect Personal Training

October 31, 2012
Edmonton Sun Linda Hoang
Rice Paper Vietnamese Fine Cuisine at 10080 178 Street.
Ripple Effect Personal Training at 9602A 60 Avenue.

Ripple Effect Personal Training at 9602A 60 Avenue.

On Tuesday I went for a fitness assessment at Ripple Effect Personal Training in south Edmonton. I was put in touch with Karl MacPhee from Ripple Effect through Scott Weller – who I have met off of Twitter. Ripple Effect is a fairly new fitness training business – having just opened back in June (though Karl has been in the coaching/training business for years). Scott put me in touch with Karl because Karl was looking for an opportunity to get some online exposure and I was looking to get fit in exchange for what I already would have done anyway – blog/tweet about my fitness experience (good or bad!) Win-win!

Inside Ripple Effect Personal Training!

Karl and I chatted about his history (he worked as a full-time trainer at Ross Sheppard High School for years prior to opening up Ripple Effect) and what Ripple Effect was all about (mostly small group training/fitness and athletic conditioning) and then we chatted about my goals (mostly just becoming more fit and being more active – as most of my days are spent sitting at a computer or sitting in front of the TV – or eating lol).

Getting a fitness assessment at Ripple Effect Training!

He took some of my measurements and we learned that my body fat percentage is way higher than it should be – whoops. :( I figured that would have been the case. Everyone scoffs at me when I say I’m in terrible shape and getting bigger (lovehandles anyone?!) – they never believe me! But it’s true!! I need to be more fit and get some muscles on me (right now I basically have no muscles, lol). For the fitness assessment we did some work on the rowing machine (he taught me proper technique) and we did some exercises with a wooden stick held up above/behind my head so I could get a feel for the right posture and back tension that I want to feel during certain workouts. He also tested my balance and showed me some at-home floor exercises that would help build up my body strength to make exercises more effective.

My body fat percentage is not great!

All in all it was a session that had me sweating and out of breathe (I’m out of shape!) and wanting more (but at the same time not… I’m fearful of committing to this!) Karl has a few flexible time slots that I can fit into on Tuesday afternoons, Wednesday nights and/or Saturday mornings. I can pretty much guarantee making the Tuesday session each week but I worry about my commitment to Wednesday night after a long day at work and/or waking up early for Saturday morning before I have to head to work for the rest of the day.

I’m hoping making a few blog posts about the experience will help motivate me as well. My biggest problem with my fitness endeavours are that they start strong but my interest and commitment fizzles out fast. I’m lucky to be able to have this opportunity with Karl for a few months (and then in a few months time we’ll determine if I want to keep continuing or not) – so I hope to make the best of it! My second problem is I’m worried about how the group sessions will be given my obvious lack of athletic or fitness ability – typically when I’ve worked out at rec centres the theme was “work hard but feel free to go at your own pace” and then I usually took that to mean “don’t really work that hard if it’s too hard for you” (lol). Here I wondering if I’ll work TOO hard in order to try to keep up with the group – but we’ll see how it goes. My first session/fitness assessment was a solo experience. My next ones should be group experiences. I’ll blog about it again after the group experience!

Karl himself I’ve so far found to be very personable, friendly, funny and encouraging – also not shy to point out when I’m not doing an exercise properly, ha!

I think it will be a fun and obviously healthy thing to try. We’ll see how it goes!

Click here to learn more about Ripple Effect.

Click here to follow Karl on Twitter.

Are you currently taking personal or group training? Regularly working out at the gym or rec centre? What’s your fitness regime or routine and how do you make sure you stay committed?!?


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