Review + Giveaway: Canova Pasticceria Italian Bakery

Linda Hoang - November 3, 2016
Canova Pasticceria Italian Bakery

I love finding hidden food gems in Edmonton. Hole-in-the-wall, off the beaten track or perhaps in some unsuspecting neighbourhood, not the newest and hippest places in town but ones that have a solid, loyal following because their product is delicious. That’s why I was delighted to discover Canova Pasticceria – a tiny Italian bakery located just north of Yellowhead Trail and 125 Street, in a very unassuming building in a …

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Recap: The Book of Mormon (Broadway Across Canada)

Linda Hoang - September 21, 2016
The Book of Mormon

When I first saw The Book of Mormon in 2015, I had no idea what to expect! My Mormon knowledge was basically 0, and as I watched this hilarious and most times inappropriate broadway show, I kept thinking to myself, wait – is this true? Is this actually how this religion started? Do Mormon people actually do this? Think this? Here’s how The Book of Mormon …

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Review: Unrooming Hotel Blackfoot with (#UnroomingCA)

Linda Hoang - September 11, 2016
Hotel Blackfoot, Calgary

You’ve probably heard of the concept of “unboxing” right? Unboxing videos are all over YouTube – it’s where people film themselves opening up the boxes of their purchases for the first time and doing first impression reviews of the products inside. I’ve viewed my fair share of unboxing videos in the past, so when reached out to see if I’d ever heard of “unrooming” and …

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Review: Dorinku Tokyo Street Food

Linda Hoang - August 18, 2016
Dorinku Tokyo Street Food Edmonton Old Strathcona

Japanese food is truly one of my favourites. That’s why I was super excited to visit Edmonton’s newest Japanese izakaya – Dorinku – which opened on Whyte Avenue at the corner of 102 Street in July. An izakaya is like a casual Japanese gastropub that typically focuses on drinks and small plates (Fun fact: ‘dorinku’ means drink in Japanese!) In Japan, izakayas are often popular after-work spots. They …

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Explore Alberta: 10 Things To Do in Grande Prairie (#TheRoadIsCalling with the Alberta Motor Association)

Linda Hoang - August 10, 2016
Philip J Currie Museum - Grande Prairie - Explore Alberta - Highway 43 - Travel - Dinosaur

This summer, I hit the road with the Alberta Motor Association and my friend Diane, to explore Grande Prairie in northern Alberta as part of AMA’s ‘The Road is Calling’ summer campaign. The Road is Calling encourages Albertans to visit attractions across the province and share adventures using the hashtag #TheRoadisCalling. AMA is even running a #TheRoadIsCalling contest you can enter for a chance to win a prize valued at $9,000! …

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Recap: Bonterra Trattoria Italian (Calgary)

Linda Hoang - August 7, 2016
Bonterra Trattoria - Italian Restaurant - Calgary

I love visiting Calgary because there are so many great options for a wonderful meal. It’s a bonus when the Calgarians I visit share the same love of food as me, and want to show off the city’s best! On my last trip there, my friend Jessie introduced me to Bonterra Trattoria, an incredible, contemporary Italian restaurant in downtown Calgary (at 1016 8 Street SW). That night, we dined …

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Review: 10-Course Home Sushi Party!

Linda Hoang - July 29, 2016
Vinh Sushi - Edmonton - Home Sushi Party

As part of my birthday week this year, I decided to throw a home sushi party catered by local private sushi chef Vinh Tran! I first heard of Vinh Tran and his home sushi parties a couple years ago on Instagram (@vinhsushi). Currently Vinh is a sushi chef at Mt. Fuji (which – fun fact – happens to be the restaurant Mike and I went to …

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Preview: Sabor Seafood Festival (Aug 5 – Sept 3, 2016)

Linda Hoang - July 27, 2016
Sabor Seafood Festival - Edmonton

July is one of my favourite months of the year for a few reasons: It’s my birthday month It’s when festival city is in full swing The weather is always fantastic and It’s the kick-off to Sabor Resaurant’s annual Seafood Festival! Each year in August, Iberian (Spanish, Portuguese) restaurant Sabor (located at 10220 103 Street downtown), offers a special selection of seafood dishes as part of its …

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Explore Edmonton: K-Days 2016

Linda Hoang - July 24, 2016
K-Days - Edmonton - Summer

Summers in Edmonton are unbelievable. There’s always something to do and often – especially on weekends – there are SO many events and activities that it’s really hard to decide which one to do! That’s a great problem to have, especially if you’re summer vacations revolve primarily around staycations. Each summer, Mike and I make a point to spend a day at K-Days, Edmonton’s biggest …

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Review: Dinner at the Highlands Golf Club

Linda Hoang - July 17, 2016
Highlands Golf Club Restaurant - Edmonton

I had the pleasure of being introduced to the Highlands Golf Club a few months ago when I guest judged at the Mount Royal Elementary School Culinary Cook Off. Highlands Golf Club’s chef made a tasty chorizo rosemary penne pasta that I really enjoyed, so I was excited when the club reached out to see if I was interested in checking out their restaurant offerings. Did …

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