DIY Social Media: Snapchat Filter Halloween Costume (with Photoshop File!)

Linda Hoang - October 30, 2016
Snapchat Filter Social Media Halloween Costume

A couple of years ago I went as an Instagram frame for Halloween! It was a big success (it even got on Hootsuite’s list of clever social media costumes) and I think part of the success was because it suited my social media-lovin’ personality so well.  For 2016, I decided to be a Snapchat filter! There’s lots of different Snapchat filter costumes out there (lots of really …

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How Pokemon Go got my husband to go out and explore his city

Linda Hoang - July 11, 2016
Pokemon Go - Edmonton - Murals and Art

“I can’t wait until we go downtown again.” Mike (my husband) has never said this to me – until now. He comes from a tiny town northwest of Edmonton and for as long as I’ve known him (7+ years) he’s never initiated a trip downtown. Or really anywhere. In our relationship, I’m definitely the one responsible for getting us out and about – doing and …

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DIY: How to make an Instagram Halloween Costume (with Photoshop file!)

Linda Hoang - November 6, 2014

For Halloween this year (2014), I decided to make my own Instagram photo costume! I had come across it somewhere online and thought, hey that should be easy to make (even for me! I’m not very IRL-crafty). I had looked online to see if there were any good DIY steps on how to make one and couldn’t really find anything great (most of them just …

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Rachel Lees, broke Canadian girl, gets creative with “dining out”

Linda Hoang - April 15, 2014

One of my best friends Rachel Lees (@rachylees on Twitter) is currently doing an unpaid internship in San Francisco. The work is great and the experience of living in a city like San Fran is amazing, but she’s got almost no money and has had to get pretty creative when it comes to “dining out.” She first shared some of these photos on her Facebook …

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Round-up: Cat-related April Fools’ Day jokes

Linda Hoang - April 1, 2014

Each year I always look forward to seeing the funny and creative jokes/pranks/videos that different companies put out for April Fools’ Day! This year there seemed to be a lot of jokes that focused on cats. Because cats. Here’s a round-up of some of the best ones I found (and laughed) about today, because I love cats!!!! LinkedIn’s Cats You May Know feature “Cats You …

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Q&A: Startup Canada Communities & an entrepreneurial nation

Linda Hoang - May 21, 2013

I recently got a chance to speak with Victoria Lennox of Startup Canada about the new Startup Canada Communities initiative for my Edmonton Sun Social Media Column. The column mainly focused on Startup Edmonton and its success, but Lennox had so many great things to say about startups/entrepreneurs in general that I thought it’d make a nice web extra to post the full raw, transcription …

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Recap: Behind-the-scenes Animal Encounter at the Valley Zoo!

Linda Hoang - April 16, 2013

On Sunday I took Mike for his early birthday surprise at the Edmonton Valley Zoo… featuring a behind-the-scenes animal encounter!! I had been thinking about this as a birthday gift for a year now and was so happy that it finally came to be. You see, Mike is in love with red pandas. We have only ever been to the Valley Zoo together once before …

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Go bid! on Edmonton Home + Garden Show #PalletChallenge projects!

Linda Hoang - March 22, 2013

The Edmonton Home + Garden Show kicked off last night and runs until Sunday. As I first posted about at the beginning of the month, I was asked to compete in a #PalletChallenge for the show. Myself and five other wonderful Edmontonians were asked to take three wooden pallets and turn it into something to be put on display at the Home + Garden Show. …

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I’m competing in the Edmonton Home + Garden Show #PalletChallenge in support of Ronald McDonald House!

Linda Hoang - March 1, 2013

I have always loved and been impressed with Do-it-Yourself projects. But have I ever done many of my own? Nope! I find my ‘craftiness’ and creativity typically centres around online projects. Physical cutting, gluing, assembling was never quite my forte. But boy, was I ever thrilled, excited, nervous, and honoured – to be asked by Jenny Adams (@JennyJennyAdams of The Adams Agency) – to take …

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