Purina Pet People: Embracing Your Cats’ Natural Behaviours (+ Cat Chow Naturals Giveaway!)

Linda Hoang - September 19, 2016
Thor and Loki, eager to dig into their Purina Cat Naturals!

Thor and Loki have such unique, quirky personalities. I know that’s true of all cats! Every day they do things that are just so very, naturally “them” and it always makes me smile. Let’s embrace + celebrate the natural behaviours of our cats! Below are a few things I love about Thor and Loki’s natural personalities. At the end of the post, learn more about and enter …

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Purina Pet People: 3 Ways My Pets Make Life Bigger and Better!

Linda Hoang - July 18, 2016
Thor Loki Artie Olive

“Pets don’t just make life better. They make it bigger.”  Every day I am in awe of our pets and the joy they bring into our lives. I truly believe pets make life bigger and better – which conveniently enough is what Purina’s new Live Big Campaign is all about. #LetsLiveBig celebrates the impact pets have had on our lives, and looks at what we can do …

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Purina Pet People: Tips for the Best Cat Litter Experience (+ Tidy Cats Giveaway!)

Linda Hoang - April 17, 2016
Thor Litter Purina Tidy Cat

My fur babies are a big, big part of my life. If you’re following me on social media, you’ve likely seen photos and videos of my two cats and two dogs – Thor (who just turned 5), Loki (3 years old), Olive (2 years old), and Artie (who is the newest to our family, and nearly 6 months old). Check out #OliveAndTheCats and #OliveandArtie for some cute posts! …

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Support the Cats of Edmonton Photo Book!

Linda Hoang - March 17, 2016
Cats of Edmonton

March through May is always a crazy time of year for me – at least for the last couple of years, since the Edmonton International Cat Festival was created! For those who don’t know, I started this festival in 2014 as a way to focus some of my energy and passion towards a good cause. The Edmonton International Cat Festival is a celebration of cats, …

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Recap + Giveaway: When Your Cat’s Treat Time is Also Play Time (Purina Friskies Pull ‘N Play)

Linda Hoang - March 2, 2016
Purina Pull 'N Play - Cats Treat Time Play Time - Edmonton Pets

Mike and I love our furbabies! Thor (our Queen tabby) is almost 5 years old, Loki (the sweet ginger) is 3, Olive (our beagle) is 2, and as of last weekend, we added a fourth to our family – Artie (a Husky cross, who is just 3 months old!) We would do anything for our babies and that includes getting them toys and treats and other …

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Recap: #CatsOnYourMats – Cat Yoga at the Edmonton Humane Society

Linda Hoang - January 12, 2016
Cats on Your Mats - Cat Yoga - Edmonton Humane Society

I haven’t made any New Years Resolutions to be more active or fit in 2016 but thanks to the Edmonton Humane Society I’m well on my way to that anyway! To kick off the new year, I woke up bright and early on Caturday (Saturday, Cat Saturday) last weekend to do hatha yoga in the presence of adorable cats! It was all part of the Edmonton …

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Travel Japan: My Guide to Visiting Cat Cafes in Japan

Linda Hoang - October 29, 2015
Cat Cafe Calico - Japan Cat Cafe Guide - Tokyo

This October (2015), I had the most a-meowzing trip to Japan eating, sightseeing, and visiting a number of Japanese cat cafes! Cat cafes have exploded in popularity all over the world in recent years. The first cafe was started in Taipei, Taiwan in 1998 and quickly took off in Asia. Japan especially embraced the concept and is now home to (according to the Internet) hundreds of …

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Recap + Giveaway: Our Shopping Spree For #OliveAndTheCats + Win a $50 Gift Card to Homes Alive Pets

Linda Hoang - June 29, 2015
Homes Alive Pets Edmonton

There’s a new breed of pet store in town! Homes Alive Pets is a new pet store located at 13340 St. Albert Trail. They actually opened on the same day as the Edmonton International Cat Festival (maybe next year they can be a part of the festival!) and co-owner Evan reached out to me and asked if I would be interested in checking out the …

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Recap: The 2015 Edmonton International Cat Festival!

Linda Hoang - June 7, 2015
Nutrience Petland Cat Festival

As some of you may know, I organize the Edmonton International Cat Festival, an annual festival that brings cat lovers together to celebrates cats and cat culture, while raising money and awareness to support organizations that help cats in need. The inaugural festival took place last year, and the 2nd annual was just last weekend on Saturday (Caturday) May 30! In just a year, I …

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The Edmonton International Cat Festival!

Linda Hoang - April 17, 2014
Edmonton International Cat Festival

I am finally a MAKER. I have wanted to “make” something for a very long time. I see so many Edmontonians creating these great events and projects all the time. Oftentimes I’ve done stories about these people and their great work! But in the back of my mind I’ve always wanted to be on the other end – to be the one creating something special, …

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