30 Valentine’s Date Ideas in Edmonton (2016)

Linda Hoang - February 1, 2016

I love Valentine’s Day! My husband Mike and I always make a point to celebrate (but we also celebrate year-round, really). I don’t mind the commercialization of it – if there’s another opportunity to spend time with my loved one, then why not? This year as Valentine’s Day falls on the Family Day long weekend, Mike and I will be heading out of town for …

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What To Do For New Year’s Eve: Edmonton Events (Dec 31, 2015)

Linda Hoang - December 7, 2015

NYE list last updated: Tuesday, December 9, 2015 * Photos courtesy of Anthony P. Jones via City of Edmonton Photo Gallery Will this be the year? Will this be year I finally go to the Sugar Swing New Year’s Eve party?!?! As readers have come to know, I like to put out event listings every so often and this one – my What To Do …

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20 Things to do in Edmonton for Valentine’s Day (2015)

Linda Hoang - January 29, 2015

I love Valentine’s Day! Yes, yes, sometimes the commercialism is a bit much – it’s crazy that the pink hearts and candy come out almost immediately after Christmas, all that societal pressure of finding someone to spend it with that can be stupid, and it’s silly to think that you should only celebrate your special someone on this one day a year, but I’ve always …

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Recap: My Top Posts of 2014!

Linda Hoang - December 31, 2014

As 2014 comes to an end, WordPress has given me an easy way to put out a year-end blog post – they sent all WordPress Jetpack users a summary of some fun blog stat facts over the past year! Here’s my summary: In 2014, I posted 122 times. My Top 10 posts were: 1. Holiday Events & Activities in Edmonton (2014) 2. Review: 97 Hot …

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What to do for New Year’s Eve: 2014 Edmonton Event Listing

Linda Hoang - December 2, 2014

NYE list last updated: Tuesday, December 2, 2014 Each year I try to compile a list of New Year’s Eve events to help myself and others plan out how they’d like to ring in the new year. This year my husband and I hope to be moved into our new home so we’ll probably spend NYE indoors but I still wanted to keep my list …

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Holiday Events & Activities in Edmonton (2014)

Linda Hoang - November 13, 2014

You always hear people moaning about the cold winters in Edmonton but I’m of the mind that there is always something fun going on – even in the bitter cold – and if you’re bundled up then you should head out and take part in the winter activities! I love going to different holiday/festive events and activities with Mike and so I thought a compilation …

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Review: Dog Birthday Party at the Doggy Style Deli

Linda Hoang - October 18, 2014

For months now, I’ve been wanting to take our beagle Olive to the Doggy Style Deli – a dog restaurant/grooming/store in west Edmonton (15131 Stony Plain Road). I’ve been driving by the place for years and remember it had been a part of Dragon’s Den and the unfortunate victim to a fire. Despite the fire, and what seems like constant construction on Stony Plain Road, …

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New Year’s Eve – Dec. 31, 2013 Events In Edmonton!

Linda Hoang - December 1, 2013

NYE list first posted: Sunday, December 1, 2013. Last updated: Monday, December 30, 2013. Last year I compiled a list of New Year’s Eve events in Edmonton for both my own decision-making and to help others plan out how they’d ring in the new year. I always have trouble finding good events and all-encompassing lists – so when in doubt… just make one yourself! ;) …

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Full-time at CTV Edmonton: Digital Reporter!

Linda Hoang - January 8, 2013

Work-life update! As of January 2, I officially became a full-time employee at CTV Edmonton! Prior to this I had been officially part-time, but working full-time hours (so this isn’t too different, except that I have switched over to working Monday to Fridays, as opposed to working Wednesday through Sunday, which is a huge difference! Normal weekends, yay!) The other difference is my title – …

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New Year’s Eve – Dec. 31, 2012 Events in Edmonton!

Linda Hoang - December 31, 2012

NYE list first posted: Friday, December 7, 2012. Last updated: Monday, December 31, 2012. This year I really want to get dressed up and go to a nice, New Years Eve event that involves great food and isn’t a bar party! My New Years Eve celebrations in general have never been anything too crazy. Last year we had a night in with Mike’s sister and …

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