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Linda-Hoang.Com serves as Linda’s blog and online portfolio, featuring posts about the city, food, life, social media and more. The website started as a one-stop source for Linda’s side websites, projects, forums, blogs, etc and has grown into more of a food and lifestyle/event review blog, along with social media source – highlighting the latest in social media news as well as interesting local people doing interesting things using social media.


Linda Hoang is an enthusiastic, goal-oriented, multi-platform communicator, social media specialist, freelance multimedia journalist, producer and blogger. She also adds foodie, editor, amateur photographer, graphic and web designing hobbyist, keen social networker and overall adapter-of-changing-technology, to her repertoire. (Phew, that’s a mouthful!)

Linda is currently a Digital Communications Specialist for NAIT (the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology). Her duties include daily management of NAIT’s social media properties including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, developing content for social media platforms, representing NAIT’s brand personality on social media, promoting the school, supporting the communications team in the development and implementation of social campaigns and working to help achieve communications and marketing goals for the school. She also contributes to NAIT’s techlife magazine, helps departments and programs develop social media strategies, and delivers social media training sessions to staff.

She is also Founder and Cat’s Meow of the Edmonton International Cat Festival! The inaugural festival took place on June 7, 2014 and drew 600 people, raising more than $8,000 for the Edmonton Humane Society. She also regularly writes about social media and food on her blog.

Prior to NAIT, Linda worked as a Digital Reporter for CTV Edmonton, managing CTV’s social media properties, developing, writing and updating online articles for CTV Edmonton’s website and working with reporters, producers and the assignment desk, gathering information for web articles and information to post to Facebook and Twitter.

She also wrote a weekly Social Media Column for the Edmonton Sun. When her time with the Sun ended, she continued telling local social media stories through this blog.

Linda is versatile and feels the possibilities are endless because her interests and abilities are always expanding! She is determined, eager, very driven, and also very friendly. ;)

She was also a top student, graduating with honours/distinction in the MacEwan Journalism program and was also an honours student in NAIT’s Television Broadcasting program, receiving a 4.0 GPA for her third (Fall 2010) semester and an overall 3.9 GPA.

For more information, please see Linda’s resume.

To see examples of Linda’s reporting/shooting/editing, check out her Demo Reel!

To read some of Linda’s more newsier writing, check out this Writing Section!


Linda considers herself extremely Internet saavy. She has maintained an online presence through a number of different online communities over the years including social networking websites, specific-interest forums and even fan websites that she has created and run herself.

She likes trying new networks and is interested in new and changing technology. She’s open to adapting and adopting technology both for fun and personal uses and for use in the media industry.

Linda is a huge fan of social media and uses Twitter to interact and engage with like-minded and interesting people both locally and around the globe. She also loves blogs and blogging!

She dabbles in graphic and web design, blogs in her spare time, and attempts to cook hearty dinners whenever she’s not busy working. She also is a huge cat lady and food lover. When she is not working, Linda is spending time with her two cats Thor and Loki and her fiancé Mike – and most of the time the pair are EATING!

Linda LOVES food. She blogs restaurant reviews and is always snapping and sharing photos of her food.


In early 2009, Linda took part in a global competition called The Best Job in the World. Beating out nearly 35,000 applicants worldwide, she made it into the Best Job’s Top 50 Candidates. After a whirlwind of media interviews and campaigning for global votes, Linda ended up being the 15th Most Voted Top 50 Candidate in the competition. Unfortunately as those who moved onto the next round were not selected strictly based on votes, she wasn’t chosen to move onto the next round of the Best Job.

While Linda received many local and international media coverage during her stint with The Best Job in the World, many of the links online are now broken. She hopes to restore and re-post them sometime in the near future.

For more information, contact Linda at hoang.t.linda@gmail.com or visit the other sections on this website!

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